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Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

Why Do Guys Like Feeling Breasts

A woman’s breast is one of the most beautiful features of a girl’s body. It differentiates a man from a woman and also adds beauty to a woman’s body. It is very normal for guys to like the breasts of a woman. 

But the reason why do guys like feeling breasts could come with several interpretations. Hence to help you understand those, here is a list of reasons curated below. 

  • To experience excitement 

One of the major reasons why do guys like feeling breasts is this. Sometimes men like to feel the breast because it excites them. It makes them feel happy and in control over the woman whom he is touching. 

If you both have accepted each other and have shared things in common, then touching breasts is quite normal. 

It is possibly a sign that you both cannot keep your hands off each other. He may also want to feel it so that he could keep the mood growing.

  • Helps to turn on a man as well as a woman

Just like any part of the woman excites a man, her breasts do it more. Seeing a woman’s breast can turn a man on and strengthen his erection. It might make him want to have sex with her or please each other sexually. 

Also, it helps his mood to grow while both are having sex. On the other hand, feeling the breasts can also make a woman turn on. 

Breasts being the most effective part of the body has the potential to put a woman into a mood. If your partner wants to have sex and does not want to tell you, he might start touching your breasts. 

He does so that you start feeling sexually aroused and understand what he wants. 

  • Ready to Breastfeed

It is not always because of sex why a man wants to touch your breasts. There could be several reasons like he wants to find out if you are ready to breastfeed a child or not. 

Men would feel it and try to figure out until he is convinced what their breasts are capable of doing when it comes to breastfeeding.

  • Makes a better foreplay 

Another reason why do guys like feeling breast is this. When foreplay takes place, there is always the feeling of breasts included. It is what makes foreplays engaging, beautiful and sexually oriented. 

The reason behind this is foreplay cannot take place until and unless you touch or stimulate a woman’s private parts. Thus, this includes the feeling of the breasts as well. 

  • It is beautiful 

Men like to see, touch or feel breasts because they are beautiful, soft and attractive. They add beauty to a woman’s body. 

When a man sees the breast of a woman, he could not resist himself but touch it and feel it. This also makes him feel better and even the woman whom he is touching. 

  • Check the sensitivity level of their woman 

Do you know a very important reason why do guys like feeling breasts? To your surprise, it could be because they want to check the sensitivity level of the woman as some women are very hard to please and turn on. 

Thus, men know the secret to finding out about their sexual needs by touching their breasts. So if a man touches your breasts or tries to feel them, it could be possible that he is trying to figure out what can turn you on. 

  • He does not have it

Breasts are one such part of the body that differentiates a man and a woman. Isn’t it? Men like to feel it because they do not have it. 

They want to know how it feels to have such huge and beautiful breasts like a woman. So this could be another reason why he wants to touch your breasts.

Differentiate between known and unknown touches… 

Breasts are indeed a very beautiful part of the body that makes a woman look attractive. Men like to touch and feel it, especially when he is sexually engaged with a woman. So next time if your partner touches your breast, let him enjoy himself. But if you are around some stranger who is trying to touch your breasts and you do not like it, then try to voice it out. 

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