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How Can You Get Into The Tiktok Rivers In 2022?

How Can You Get Into The Tiktok Rivers In 2022?

The most incredible miracles are possible at Christmas. This is probably why we are looking forward to it so impatiently, preparing in advance, buying gifts to please loved ones. We can say that Christmas is everyone’s birthday. And joy, fun, all kinds of pleasures – what could be more natural on such a day? But most importantly: just the fabulous possibilities of Christmas. On this day, we can meet long-awaited love, receive news that will change our lives, become the owner of a thing or get TikTok into rivers that we did not even dare to dream of.

Getting into the recommendation feed is the success many Tiktokers strive for. A place in recommendations provides not only a bunch of views and likes, but also a lot of new subscribers and an increase in an active audience. Let’s take a look at how you can get into rivers in 2022. More info about TikTok promotion found on the website.

How TikTok’s algorithms work.

Let’s make a reservation right away – TikTok, like any other similar service, does not disclose its algorithms. Moreover, it is known that these algorithms can change periodically to better adapt to the audience. This significantly complicates the task for TikTokers who want to get featured. Fortunately, these algorithms can be traced and identified with high precision. So, here are a few assumptions about TikTok’s algorithms that are considered the most likely:

Algorithms change very quickly. They are tuned to adapt to new trends. If you have been working on this site for some time, then you know how rapidly tendencies and trends replace each other. This also works with algorithms that calculate how popular (potential) content your video contains. If you shot a video on a trend that was outdated a couple of months ago, you are unlikely to find yourself in rivers. 

However, there are some stable requirements. TikTok videos are rarely reviewed by real people – only in case of complaints. If we are talking about recommendations, then the advancement in the feed is provided by robots, automatic algorithms. TikTok is more loyal to newbies, and the algorithms are trying to promote new users. If you created an account on TikTok and published the first couple of videos with hashtags, then with a very high probability you will find yourself in the recommendations. True, this is also the catch – the first videos appear in the recommendations specifically for checking your channel for the quality level. Users appreciate your creativity, and if they do not like it, in the future TikTok will be reluctant to let you in the rivers, or even stop publishing your clips in recommendations altogether. To prevent this from happening, make trendy and high-quality videos from the very beginning. If everything is done well, and the algorithms notice the positive interest of users in your videos, then in the future your videos will pop up more often in the rivers.

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