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Keep Schools Safe

What Are the Best Methods to Keep Schools Safe

A school used to be one of the safest places for kids. Parents never worried about their children when they were at school. If a phone call came from the teacher, it was usually because their kid was acting up, not because some terrible crime was committed. Society has become very complicated. And despite our advancements technologically, it seems that we have lost our way when it comes to community. Schools today need to make security their first priority. School security involves many systems working together and good organization as well. Here are some of the essential elements.

  • Security Cameras: You can’t have too many cameras. Security cameras work for free, and they can provide 24-hour security in multiple areas at once. Security cameras should be posted at all entrances, but they should also be in the halls and the classrooms. You don’t know who will start trouble, and kids know how to find the areas where they won’t be observed. Today you can’t afford to have any blind spots in the system. 
  • Metal Detectors: Unfortunately, a metal detector is now something you want to see at a school. You can never tell what people are bringing in, but a metal detector will help make sure that nothing but books are in those backpacks. It is best to have metal detectors at entry points. Then once everyone is inside a secure zone, they can move about freely.
  • Tracking Systems. In addition to cameras and metal detectors, tracking technology is an excellent way to make sure you know the location of every student, staff member, and guest. Companies like Taramtec have the technology for tracking and ID card integration with the security system. With interactive touch screens and detailed information in the database, which is connected to the ID badges. Administrators have a wealth of knowledge to know where people are, where they are supposed to be, and when. Security personnel can know whenever someone is where they are not supposed to be.
  • Human Interaction: Schools are full of people, but somehow, they can also be a dehumanising experience. The more interaction there is between staff and students, the more they will be able to trust each other and develop a sense of when something is going wrong. Staff members should be encouraged to learn the student’s name and habits and make connections whenever possible.
  • Identification: knowing who is who in a school is essential. Some people resist the concept of uniforms, but there is value in identifying people groups from a distance. Schools where physical symbols can identify teachers and students have an extra layer of security. But even just an ID contained in a lanyard is helpful for tracking who is staff and who is there temporarily. Guests should be required to sign in, and to keep their visitor ID visible at all times.
  • Busses and Parking Lots: These areas have long been known as places where students can get away with things because the teachers don’t care what goes on outside the school. But School busses can be a place where assaults occur, and parking lots can be used as staging areas for crimes, including vandalism. These areas should no longer be considered safe zones for inappropriate behaviour, and they should be covered by cameras and patrolled by security if possible.
  • Controlled Entry: If you are not a student, schools should be difficult to enter. There should be a special entrance and a multistep procedure for non-staff members to enter a school, even if they are hired to provide a service. Having controlled entry eliminates any confusion in the school, especially if you follow through with ID and tracking as well

School security is best accomplished when everyone is well informed about procedures and when protocols are observed enthusiastically. Students should be informed of the correct procedures and what to do when something isn’t right. Investing in technology for your school security is the best way to ensure full-time protection of the school and provide records and evidence if some incident occurs or is reported. All of these measures may seem like we have entered a dystopian future, and perhaps, in some ways, we have. But good security provides a safe environment for children to study and possibly create a better world for the children of tomorrow.

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