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Top Renovation Ideas to Increase Your House’s Value

Home renovation has become a prevalent trend in the last decade. The home improvement stores have done a booming business, and so have the contractors. And because of this trend, the average homeowners have become more aware of their property’s possibilities to become magnificent and increase in value. If you are considering remodelling your home, or you have purchased a property that you intend to flip, here are some of the changes that can have the most significant impact on the value>

  • Floor to ceiling windows: If ever there was a wow effect, it is the one you get from entering a room with walls of glass. Floor-to-ceiling windows change a room completely. A sense of freedom is gained by taking away the visual barrier to the outside world. Beautiful examples of full-length windows can be found at You will get the maximum effect if there is also a breath-taking view outside. But even if the view is only average, the look makes the room unique. Wall length windows do need to be considered carefully, though. You need to understand the load-bearing properties of your walls, and you also have to consider the angle of the sun and the tint of the windows; you don’t want to turn your feature room into a super bright oven. It would help if you also considered privacy and window coverings.
  • Addition: For homes that are too small to impress, building an addition is sometimes an available choice. Adding a room or two might be just the thing to make a property more desirable. Adding on to a home will usually require permits and also the space to expand into. You will need to assess the engineering and what kind of foundation will be required. And expanding upward is even more complicated.
  • Granny Flat: Sometimes, putting up a second building can be more attractive than adding on. An independent building opens up many possibilities: A home office, a B&B, a home for an elderly relative, or rental property. A second building gives you room to expand and get greater use out of the land you own. You will need to check with the city planners to see if it is legal to build a second structure, and you should do everything you can to ensure the style of the new building complements the existing property.
  • Flooring: Flooring can have a tremendous influence on the look of a home. Old or poorly considered flooring can ruin the layout of a house and provide a cheap and claustrophobic effect. Today people want flooring that looks elegant and ties the whole place together. There have never been so many options for flooring as there are today. There are numerous hardwood styles and laminates that are indistinguishable from hardwood, and there are also many kinds of tiles available. Many of these products can be installed by homeowners with moderate construction skills and tools.
  • Windows and Doors: Old windows hurt the look of a home, especially from the inside. Usually what you want to do is move to larger windows, with modern materials. They can also give you a bump in energy savings if you consider the insulation values. Bigger windows open up a room, make it seem more extensive, and bring in more natural light. Doors are also a big help when trying to improve the look of a home. Consider security doors for the entrances, and then find interior doors that work with the design cues of the house.
  • Knock Down Walls: It is hard to find a home renovation show that does not begin with the decision to knock down walls. Particularly between the kitchen and living area. This is done for the sake of opening up space. Although it almost seems cliché to say you will take down a wall to open up a room. It is difficult to argue with the result. Big rooms feel better, and that adds value. Before knocking down walls, you should, at the very least, get a contractor’s opinion on whether or not the wall in question is load-bearing. Remember that taking out a wall in a kitchen often means finding a new place for cupboards.

Home renovation can be a profitable enterprise, but it needs to be done with expert advice and careful planning. Talk your plans over with friends who are good with design, or better yet, hire an expert to show you the best way to go.

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