Thursday , November 30 2023
School Security

School Security: The Latest School Safety Techniques

School safety. It is prevalent, it is essential. Every parent’s worst nightmare is to have their kids hurt or in danger at the main place they send their kids away from home. 

The fear is becoming more relevant, with 2019 having 417 mass shootings in the US. With that statistic leaking into schools, everyone is trying to figure out how to keep schools a safe place for kids. 

School security is the most essential thing to keep your kids safe. But, the question is, how to make schools safer? What steps can the schools take?

Here are some techniques they can use. 


This in itself is one of the best ways to prevent school shootings. The tool makes it a lot more difficult for an intruder to break into a classroom. 

When people think of a barricade, they may think of a big piece of wood or at least a giant obstacle. This product is small but strong, being able to withstand about 1,000 pounds of force. 

Best of all, that barricade has no key or specific instructions to activate. It is made easy enough for a child to use and it only takes one second to lock-in. 

This type of tool can save several lives if there is another active shooter because it would limit a shooter to only being able to target people outside of a classroom. When there could be over 1,000 kids in the building, that certainly reduces casualty risk. 


Once a door is secured, there is actually a system in the barricade that has the tech support call local authorities. This only takes about 15 seconds to get the police to your school in an emergency. 

It may not sound like a big difference, but in past shootings where teachers and kids were left to their own devices, it took several minutes for someone to contact the authorities. 

Every second counts in an emergency like this with an imminent threat. But, just as important, is strong overall communication. 

This can lead to faster response times, and get everyone on the same page. This system has text and email alerts, that can connect everyone in the school administration and even local authorities if the barricade is activated. 

Location Tracker

The latest security technology here can show administrators and local authorities a floor layout of the entire school. It allows them to see which rooms have barricades and when those barricades were locked in. 

This gives the authorities a better idea of who is more at risk and what rooms are secure. It can also show them which rooms do not have a barricade at all. 

A lot of times, police are walking into a room or a building blind. They do not know where everything is and where the danger is. Sure, there are protocols to minimize risk, but not usually a system that can almost entirely eliminate it, which is why this is important. 

Learn More About School Security

Are you impressed by the latest technology to try and make schools safer? Do you think there are some safety methods missing?  Check out more of our technology articles to see what else might be out there for school security. 

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