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Top Parking Technologies Used in Philadelphia

Top Parking Technologies Used in Philadelphia

Technology has become the key driver of various sectors of the economy. Investing in the right technologies has become inevitable. For this reason, critical players in the parking niche have embraced robotics and mechanization to guarantee safe aiport parking in Philadelphia. Understanding these technologies will help you make logical decisions when selecting a suitable parking lot. Here are a few insights into the top selections.

Car Parking Lifts

The surging popularity of car parking lifts is attributed to their efficiency, high weight capacity, and spaciousness. These lifts work like standard human elevators, where a vehicle is placed in it and taken to a parking lot on a different floor. Today, people can use car parking lifts in commercial and residential applications.

Various types of car lifts suffice. Yet, each of them allows you to stack multiple cars at once, making parking an effortless venture.

Robot Car Parking

Robotics has become a central element in various sectors today. With robotics technology, it becomes much more effortless to park vehicles. It uses a robotics-powered system to identify the available and suitable car parking lots. They use lifts, shelves, and automated ramps to park and even deliver the same vehicles to drivers upon request.

At the same time, you could consider automated valet parking robots, which pick up and park cars. Usually, you will have to book a parking lot via the Philadelphia airport site and drop your car at predetermined cabins or destinations. This robotic system will pick up your vehicle and park it in the allocated slot. Notably, it guarantees unmatched safety in the long run.

Smart Parking Sensors

IoT provides various avenues to boost safety and accessibility. Its ability to help detect the presence of objects using radar and ultrasonic technology has made it a worthwhile investment in making intelligent parking sensors. These smart parking sensors will help identify free parking slots, guiding you to an option that matches your needs or car size.

Intelligent parking sensors will help reduce time and resource wastage when looking for a parking lot in Philadelphia airports. These sensors use the PRIS system to communicate seamlessly in real-time, guiding you through the process. In addition, these intelligent parking sensors will help count the number of cars in the parking lot, boosting efficiency in record-keeping and safety.

Computer and Machine Vision Parking

Everyone looks for unrivaled efficiency whenever they drive into an airport parking lot. Fortunately, that is what you get in Philadelphia, as the airport uses computer and machine vision to monitor the parking spots. This technology helps identify a car’s duration in the parking lot, making it easy to bill the car owner based on time. In addition, this technology can scan license plates to improve billing accuracy. Moreover, you can rely on it for automated payment processing, minimizing time wastage in the long run. Various changes have sufficed in parking lots over the years. With advanced technology in place, parking has become safe and more effortless. The technologies mentioned above are standard in Philadelphia, meaning you get an immersive experience whenever you want to park in the airport.

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