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6 Best Griddle Recipes That You'll Surely Love

6 Best Griddle Recipes That You’ll Surely Love

Many people commonly know that griddles are great for cooking breakfast dishes. Whether it’s a flat top or a ridged cast iron griddle pan, many typically use them for making pancakes, eggs, and sausages. But besides just breakfast dishes, many people don’t often use their griddles to cook. Unknown to some, you can make quite a lot more food with that griddle than you could have thought of.

While most people immediately think of making pancakes or steaks on a griddle pan, you can do so much more. Different styles of foods, like teppanyaki, often use large hot surfaces and even larger flat top griddles to cook all sorts of meats and vegetables. But, using a griddle to cook doesn’t need to be limited to just Asian-style cuisines. Whatever the food is, chances are that you can make that on a griddle.

If you’re interested in learning more about griddles and have been interested in getting one for your home, visit Dickson BBQ at For now, we’ve collected some of the best griddle recipes that everyone will love.

Parmesan crushed potatoes

Great as a side dish, these potatoes are incredibly easy to make. These only really need some garlic, butter, and a pinch of salt to work their wonders into any meal, but adding your own seasonings to them can make them just as good if not better. And, best of all, you can whip up a batch on your griddle at the same time as your barbecue steaks!

In order to make them well, boil either some mini or quartered potatoes for a few minutes in salted water. Once they’re done boiling, smash the potatoes with the back of a wooden spoon or a masher, but only just enough that they break through the skin. Then all you need to do is brush some garlic butter – or just butter – and fry them on a hot griddle. You can also use your barbecue if you want to add a smoky flavour to them.

Waffle Monte Cristos

Though usually a breakfast dish, sandwiches are always great to have regardless of the time of day. This version of a Monte Cristo sandwich is particularly good if you have a pack of frozen waffles you want to finish off. All you need is a few slices of ham, turkey, and havarti cheese. To make it one of the best sandwiches you’ve had, you can even add a few slices of bacon.

Since these sandwiches are made with waffles, many people like to add a few fruit preserves for a sweeter kick. Apply them to one side of one of the waffles, before adding your turkey, ham, cheese, and bacon. Put the other waffle on top and butter the outsides of both before setting them on the griddle to turn golden brown. You can, though, skip them entirely if you just want a somewhat simple sandwich.

Country Potato Pancakes

Originally a part of Jewish cuisine and culture, these potato pancakes – or latkes – are usually just made out of potatoes, eggs, and an onion. However, as time and different cultures spread across the world, people have taken latkes as one of the most versatile foods. Even if not prepared as traditional Jewish latkes are for more religious celebrations, potato pancakes, hash browns, and haystacks are still quite versatile.

For a simple potato pancake, you need to peel and grate both onion and a few potatoes, before mixing them together with a few eggs, flour, and salt. To make them crispy, add roughly ½ a teaspoon of baking powder to the mixture before frying them in vegetable oil. Much like the other recipes listed here, you can add whatever seasonings you want to the mixture.

Salsa Corn Cakes

Similar to both cornbread and pancakes, this recipe is a rather nice twist to the original recipes. The addition of whole kernels of corn, whether it’s canned or fresh, adds a bit of sweetness to the savoury cake at the end. With the salsa and onions mixed in and a bit of sour cream served on the side, you can also enjoy a subtle bit of Mexican flavours.

Much like a normal cornbread or pancake recipe, you begin making the batter with melted butter, cream cheese, eggs, milk, and cornmeal. Mix it all together, add some salt then fold in the salsa, corn, and onions. When frying them on your skillet, it’s recommended to use a ¼ cup of batter to keep them reasonably sized, but you can go bigger. Like pancakes, flip them over when bubbles form on the top then cook until golden brown.

Pizza quesadillas

This is a perfect option if you like pizza but don’t have any yeast or don’t know how to make the dough. While these are quesadillas, the ingredients are typically more often found in Italian cuisine. As it is with normal pizzas though, you can put your own toppings in before cooking. This recipe is more of a typical pepperoni pizza quesadilla with salami.

When making these quesadillas, start by lightly buttering one side of the tortilla. Add your cheese, pepperoni, and hard salami slices onto it before putting another tortilla on top. Cook it over on the griddle for two to three minutes on each side before serving.

Grilled cheese & pepperoni sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a dish that everyone loves, regardless of age. They can act as a side dish for soups and salads or can even just be eaten as a main. Even the cheese you put into it can be swapped out for any other type of cheese and you can add however much you want. Some grilled cheese sandwiches can also have additional fillings, like the pepperoni in this recipe.

For this grilled cheese, the recipe calls for 6 different kinds of cheese; white cheddar, monterey jack, gruyere, parmesan, and brie. Mix together butter, mayonnaise, and the parmesan before spreading the mix onto the outside of your bread. Mix the remaining cheeses together – except for the brie. Layer the pepperoni, brie, and cheese mixture onto the bread before placing the second slice on top. Finish it off by toasting it like a normal grilled cheese and serving.

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