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Shower Mirror

Tips to Help You Find the Right Shower Mirror For Your Bathroom

There is no better way to rejuvenate the look of your bathroom than with a new shower mirror. Mirrors help give your bathroom a refreshed look, but you have to make sure they are the right size for your space. You also need to decide on which type of mirror you want. There are four types of mirrors that are currently available: fog-free, semi-fog, frosted and etched glass. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Fog-free Shower Mirrors: Fog-free shower mirrors are just like regular mirrors except for the fact that they don’t allow any light to pass through them. They are usually made of either frosted or non-frosted glass which is etched or varnished to filter out the sunshine. If you like a more unique look, you could opt for a handmade glass shower mirror or something handmade by a talented crafter. The advantage of having a fog-free mirror is that it eliminates the use of soap and water, which can clean up really easy when used regularly.

Semi Fogged Mirror: A semi-fogged mirror doesn’t have any type of layer of frosting or film on it; it is just a clear mirror. You can use soap and water to clean up this mirror if it becomes foggy though. A semi-fogged mirror comes in a variety of styles and colors and you can find them in almost any type of design you like including antique, contemporary, and modern.

Slim Profile Suction Cup Design: The slim profile suction cup design is a high-end mirror that is very popular amongst women. It has an extended pole which offers lots of room when the mirror is open. The pole extends outward for easy access to all areas of the shower and is also very effective at preventing any slipping or falling.

Corrosion Resistant: Mirrors, in general, can get very dirty over time due to the accumulation of soap scum, mineral deposits, hair, and oil on the surface. The acrylic and acetate mirrors are resistant to corrosion caused by these factors. These mirrors are also available with a host of convenient features including a water chamber, soap holders and holder clips, thermostatic mixer, anti-skid grooves, and a multitude of other budget-friendly add-ons.

Honeyball Pearl Shower: These spacious acrylic mirrors offer a contemporary feel with a twist. They feature an asymmetrical layout with a full-length glass that is fully 360 degrees. With this design, light can flood through the entire frame, which creates a stunning effect. In addition to being fully 360 degrees, these mirrors also feature honeycomb panels which create an array of privacy and light control.

No Stick Bathroom Mirrors: To ensure that your bathroom mirrors stay in tip-top condition all year long, they should be kept away from direct sunlight, harsh detergents, bleach, and other chemicals. One way to keep your mirrors looking nice is to apply an adhesive backing to each one of them. When shopping for adhesive backing, there are a host of different options to choose from, such as silicone, polyester, PVC, Velcro, and the popular vinyl.

Steam Shower Mirror: Another way to prevent moisture from getting into your shower mirror is to install a high-quality steam cleaner underneath it. If you are concerned about mold buildup underneath the glass, you can purchase a water chamber that fits underneath the acrylic section. This water chamber has nozzles that dispense a fine spray of water whenever the nozzle is activated. A chamber-type filter will also help eliminate any dirt and debris that may accumulate under the acrylic section.

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