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New Year Gifts

Send Away These New Year Gifts in 2021

In this blog, we have tried to list a few gifting options to gift your friend and family. We hope that it will help you select gifts because we have tried to write the reasons behind giving someone those gifts in this blog. Like what does it mean to gift someone a moon lamp, chocolate, money plant, and many more and also that to whom you can give those things. In this blog, we have tried to help you hope you will like it.

1.      Moon Lamp

Gifting someone a moon lamp is a way to show them how positive you think about them; you want brightness in their life. It is not an expensive gift, but it is unique from all the other gifts. There are many different kinds of moon lamps available in the market, like different colours, designs, sizes, prices, etc.  You can choose according to your preference and according to that person’s choice to whom you are gifting this moon lamp. It can be a very practical gift for someone because they can use it for decoration or use it.

2.      Warming Slippers

Warming slippers are one of the most practical gifts you can give to someone. One can use it in winters as you are gifting it in winters. Every time he/she will wear this warming slipper, they will think about you how thoughtful you are. Slippers are not at all an expensive gift, but it shows your care for someone that how much you care for them. And if you are gifting them a slipper, makes sure it looks good because usually warming slipper looks adorable; choose the right one to keep the person’s choice in mind.

3.      Chocolate Basket

Chocolate is a symbol of love, care, and affection; when you gift someone chocolate, it means you are showing them how much you love them, care about them. Chocolate is usually gifted to girls, but it is not necessary you can gift it to boys too. There are many kinds of chocolate in the market, but at Christmas, you should try to give them a full basket of chocolate, because it looks good. And the person you are gifting this will feel special, and after that, they can use that basket for something else. Make your friend feel special by gifting them chocolate.

4.      Gift Hamper of Money Plant

If you gift someone money plant, it means you want their prosperity and wants to see them achieving their goals.  So you can gift money plants to your friends, family, colleague, etc.  There are some online websites like IGP and others; from there, you can buy a gift hamper from the money plant, and you can also apply IGP Coupon Code to avail of a discount on your purchase. Try to write some messages on the hamper so that it feels more personal and special. Writing a message will make a different impact on a person.

5.      Flower Bouquet

One of the most common and but at the same time beautiful gift is Flower Bouquet. You can easily make someone smile just by gifting them a flower bouquet. It is a sign of love and purity when you gift someone a flower bouquet; it means you love them to respect them from your heart. There are many options in flowers, like you can gift rose bouquets, lavender, orchid, and many more, or you can try to buy a mixed bouquet. And sometimes it looks very professional to gift some bouquet when you meet some from your office or your business partner, etc.

6.      Clock

A clock can be a good gift at the same time it is very practical to gift someone a beautiful clock.  You can give them a stylish wall watch, cute alarm clock, etc. watch an excellent gift the person can use that gift in their daily life and whenever he/she sees that watch, they will remember you. The main motto of giving someone a gift is to make them think about it every time they watch that gift. You can try to give someone a watch to put your picture in the background as a memory watch. It would be the best gift to gift your friend.

7.      Coffee Mug

Gifting someone’s Coffee mug is a way of saying how much you adore that person. There are so many different ways you can make a simple coffee mug unique like you can write a beautiful message on that, print your photograph, or you can write something on paper and fill that in the mug. Most people buy glass mugs with thoughts and quotes written on them as they look beautiful and unique. The person you are gifting this mug can use it in house decor. Coffee mugs are commonly gifted to girls as they like cute kinds of stuff. Or you can gift the collection coffee mugs to make them feel more special. You can get a coffee mug easily from any store or online shopping sites.


Choosing a gift for people is a confusing task because a wide range of gifts is available in the market. And we need to select gifts according to the person’s preference, and according to the festival, we cannot gift someone summer clothes in winter, so we need to be very careful while choosing gifts. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best options that you can gift, and we have explained to you the meaning of that gift to make it easier for you, so now you can choose a gift according to the person and your relation with them.

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