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Best Tips to Paint an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

Best Tips to Paint an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

If you are seeking to liven things up and add some fun to your living room without having to paint the entire room, then it’s a good idea to consider an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that has a different design, unlike other walls in the room. They are created usually to break up the pattern made by other walls.

You will have unlimited paint options for your accent walls. Also, no matter whether you pick the dark, dramatic, or light shade, it adds interest and depth to space. But it’s crucial to consider essential do’s and dont’s.

Do Pick Right Statement-Making Accent Wall

As you know, accent walls are great focal points. So before you begin applying buckets of color on the wall in your living room, choose the right wall that naturally draws eyeballs.

For example, if you have a fireplace, you can make it look more impressive by painting the wall around it in a unique shade. In an oblong room, the excellent wall to accentuate is a short wall. However, if you pick a long wall in a wide room, it will make the space feel crowded.

Don’t Skip Using Bold Shades for your Living Room Accent Wall

Remember, as long as you use the right accents around the room to blend with your new color; it’s a character. You can pick whatever shade you like – lavender, yellow, blue, green, etc. A wall of windows can also serve as your accent wall, but be careful that dark accent hue surroundings windows can create a bright light effect and make the room look more stylish.

Do Paint Accent Wall in a Way that Inspires and Make you Feel Cheerful

Make sure that the first thing that strikes in your mind when you think about your living room is the gorgeous and cool pattern on your accent wall.

Don’t Get Too Much Matchy-Matchy to Make your Wall Look Best

Avoid selecting a primary shade for your sofa. Instead, pick yellow in the pattern and blue of your accent pillows. Also, if you have a blue couch, avoid painting a blue accent wall.

Do Think about the Innovative Ways to Paint Wall

For example, you can consider a metallic accent room because it boasts the most robust style statements in no time. For excellent commercial painting Carindale, it’s a smart idea to consult a savvy painter.

Innovative Ways to Paint Wall

Don’t Ignore Painter’s Tape

You need to ensure that you create clean lines when painting the accent wall in your living room because it will make the whole room look shabby. So, it’s best to tape the walls and ceiling edges with painter’s tape you are not planning to paint. But make sure that the lines are straight without any marks. Apply two or three coats for dark shades and two for other hues.

Tip: Once you have put tape on the wall that you want to guard, cover the tape edges with a little bit of your existing wall shade. It seals the tape well and locks the primary shade in. After your first layer gets dry, normally paint with accent hue. It will help you get clean lines without any color left behind.

Do Consider the Shade on Your Other Walls

Remember blending paint on your accent walls into the color scheme of your room will make it look like a cohesive space. Most of the accent walls look awesome when they adjoin walls in a light to medium color. If you are planning to have all- white, be careful as it is tricky to do.

Don’t Skip Lighting

If your living room does not receive too much light, it’s a good idea to install a gorgeous lighting or a big chandelier. It will also bring more light to the paint and make it look more impressive.

Do Balance your Powerful Accent Walls with Neutral Shades on Other Walls

Neutral walls hues can be greige, beige, or gray. If you have selected to accent a wall in the white room, make the contrast soft with mid-tone accent hues to bridge the gap.

Don’t Create a Mess

It is also essential to decide how you will end up decorating your wall. Remember that a bright hue blended with a lot of busy artistic pieces will create a mess. Let your accent wall speak for itself. You can hand a wall decor in the same hue for a wow monochromatic display.

Don’t Create a Mess

Do Add Vivid or Soft Colors to the Ceiling

As you know, the accent wall is a perfect addition to your home. So make sure you add soft hues to the ceiling. It can serve as your decorative accent wall.

Wrapping Up: Painting an accent wall of the living room is perfect for those who want a makeover of their space, but are not yet ready to commit complete room’s job. There is no surprise that it adds importance and excitement to the area. The above-mentioned accent wall painting guide will help you create an awesome look in your living room.

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