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Signs Your Family Doesn't Care About You

Signs Your Family Doesn’t Care About You

Sometimes it becomes unbelievable for some people that a family could simply not care about one of their members. The truth, although, is that families who don’t care for each other are very common in contemporary time.

Malignant family members can cause a lot of pressure, tension and stress when they show the signs that they don’t care about another member.

They put undue pressure, anxiety, manipulation, criticism on you. 

All these things lead to pressure and anxiety and have the potential to adversely affect your physical and mental health. Here are a few absolute signs that your family doesn’t care about you.

  • They tend to always put the blame on you

There are several things in life that can bother a person. Have you noticed your family putting blame on you for anything that you want to discuss with them that has been bothering you?

Instead of admitting your actions, their offensive behaviour actually proves the fact that they don’t care about your feelings and emotions. This can have a huge negative impact on your health. 

Being understanding towards every family member is very important for a healthy bonding of the family.

  • They do not show interest in spending important life events with you

It’s your birthday. You have all your friends around but no family member? Might be a sign of how they don’t care to spend such an important life event with you. 

It could be other events like you getting a job or graduating from school. And you realise your family is not there for you like others’ are. This is another sign of them flaking on you and not caring about you.

  • They do not care about your boundaries 

Boundaries that you set between you and a family member are very personal and the limitation of those must be followed. An example might be no matter how many times you asked them not to, your parents keep barging into your room unannounced. 

This shows how little respect they have about your and your boundaries and in turn signifies how little care they have towards you. 

  • They keep cancelling plans

Whenever you cancel out on an important meeting with a person or a plan or an appointment it almost always means you have something more important to do instead. 

Thus every time the family flakes on you you may realise that you are not the top priority for that family member. 

  • They keep constantly criticizing you

If they always overlook the things you do to make them feel loved and instead criticize you on every little thing you do wrong, then it might mean they care very little about you. 

Always being criticized by people as close as a family has a very negative impact on our mental health and leads to a very unstable and unhealthy bonding between members of the family. 

  • They try to compete with you 

A family should be supportive of each other and instead of bringing one down, they should help them rise. A little competition between siblings or cousins may be something that is harmless. 

But if any family member constantly tries to undermine your achievements and compete with you to prove how unworthy you are, it is a very toxic behaviour. 

This might be an indicator that they don’t care much about your goals and achievements and all they want to do is to bring you down.

What to do when your family doesn’t care about you?

There are a few things that you can do when you feel like your family doesn’t care about you. 

  • Talk to them about the problem. 
  • Reach out for a different support system like a therapist or a very close friend for support.
  • Try to detach yourself from the members and the matters.
  • Avoid topics that may trigger toxic behaviour in any of the members.
  • Reach out for therapeutic help.

Dealing with a toxic family might get a very difficult job affecting your mental and physical health in the worst way possible. It is important to understand the different behaviours of the members and try to find out what causes them to do so. 

Communication is always a good option but sometimes detaching yourself from the family is just as important. Try and do not let yourself lose the value of your own life because of some toxic family members. 

Remember there might be a more important person or another close friend waiting to accept you just the way you are and treating you just fine.

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