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What Are the Treatments For Colon Cancer ?

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, you have likely asked yourself what the treatments for colon cancer are? You may be thinking of how you can get your condition cured while still remaining healthy. While it is true that early detection is the best way to treat this type of cancer, there are a number of different treatments for colon cancer that may be able to help you get rid of your condition.

Treatment through surgery

One of the most commonly used treatments for colon cancer is surgery. However, this type of surgery is only used when large polyps or cancer cells have formed in the colon or rectum. Surgery will typically be used as a last resort for people who have discovered that their condition is too severe for standard treatment.

Surgery is an option for those diagnosed with colon cancer. A surgery known as a colostomy may be used, or a pouch may be created in the rectum to allow for the removal of the affected area. Surgical removal of the colon is only considered if the entire colon has been affected and no other part of the body, such as the liver or the kidney, has been affected. If you are facing this type of situation, you should know that there will be more than one surgery performed and recovery time is usually very painful. For many people, colon cancer surgery may seem like the only option, but there are many other less invasive treatments for colon cancer that can be considered first. 

Endoscopic Exploration

Although it is not a traditional form of surgery, it is possible to remove cancer from the colon through a procedure known as “endoscopic exploration.” This procedure is also very invasive and usually requires two or three visits to the hospital. Chemotherapy medications are sometimes used in conjunction with surgery in the battle against colon cancer. Side effects can be severe if the chemotherapy is administered too frequently.

Treatment through Enema

Enemas are generally recommended as a treatment for colon cancer. Enemas work by removing the waste materials from the colon and rectum. They can be used by both men and women. This type of colon cancer treatment is best given to those suffering from mild to moderate cases of cancer. It is important to know that even though enemas are widely recommended, they are not a cure for cancer.

Treatment through Chemotherapy 

One of the common Colon Cancer treatments is called Chemotherapy. This form of treatment uses medicines that attempt to kill off cancerous cells in the body. Side effects of chemotherapy can range from nausea to hair loss. It is important to understand the side effects of these treatments and to discuss them with your doctor.

Alternative remedies for Colon Cancer

In addition to these more extreme forms of treatments, there are also herbal remedies that claim to help treat colon cancer. Herbal supplements are quite popular, and there are several on the market today. Unfortunately, many of these herbal remedies are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. So it is important to check the label for ingredients that have been “qualified” as safe for human consumption and consult with your doctor before you begin taking any herbal supplement. Some herbs have not been studied well enough to know how effective they are in treating colon cancer. Besides taking herbal supplements or using different colon cleansing products, there are several other treatments available for those diagnosed with this type of cancer. 

Why is consulting with your doctor important?

The most important thing anyone who has been diagnosed with colon cancer must do is to consult with their doctor. This is the best way to get accurate and up-to-date information about the treatment options available. Remember, early detection of colon cancer dramatically increases the chances of success when fighting this disease. Treatment options are not always a straightforward process, and it is important to understand them completely. Your doctor will be able to answer all of your questions concerning the condition and guide you in choosing the best method for you to beat colon cancer.

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