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How to Install Discord On Your PC?

Discord is a popular messaging platform mostly for gamers. It provides both text-based and voice-based chatting capabilities. Gamers can use it to talk about their favourite games or other web contents as well as communicate with their fellow teammates during a session of gaming.

Discord may be available to use in any web browser but the features available to use on discord web are limited. Thus, to use discord to its fullest it is important that you install the application on your PC. 

This guide will show you how to install discord on your PC. 

Step 1 Open on your web browser. Click on download on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2 Click on the button that represents your operating system, for example, Windows. You’ll find a “Download Now” button, click on it. 

Step 3 The file “DiscordSetup.exe” will get downloaded and appear on the downloads bar below, and if you want to open it, then click on it. 

Step 4 Click on “Run” from the pop-up box and it will be installed. 

Step 5 It may download some needed updates after installation. 

Step 6 The program will now ask you to login using your discord account or create a new account.

Step 7 After signing in or signing up you will be logged into the discord software.

Some configuration settings:

Step 1 To ensure that the speakers and microphone are connected to the discord click on the “User settings” gear on the bottom left side of the homepage. 

Step 2 You can see on the left side of the panel, there will be a list option. Click on “voice and video”.

Step 3 Use the drop-down menus on the top of this page to select the devices which will be used with discord. The input device is usually attached to the headset. Or it might be an external microphone. And the output device will be your headset or output speaker boxes.

Step 4 Other than changing the devices, you can also adjust the volume of the loudness of your voice that is transmitted over Discord as well as the volume of the output noise that can be adjusted that will be played via your headphones. 

Step 5 After this, you may want to choose your microphone input mode. There are two such modes for voice input.

Voice Activation

This option allows you to start speaking immediately after activation. Everything you say post-activation will be inputted and heard by everyone. The “Input Sensitivity” determines the volume of the voice that is being transmitted.


This option allows you to choose a button on your mouse or keyboard that acts as a Push-to-Talk key. It means that whenever that button is pressed, The voice will be transmitted on discord.

I hope the above guidelines were sufficient to provide you with the steps for downloading Discord on your PC. In case you come across with issues regarding the same, kindly comment and I’ll revert back to it. 

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