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How to Get More Sales on Amazon

How to Get More Sales on Amazon?

Once you get your products listed on Amazon, comes the hardest part; the earning part. You will have to drive your products’ sales. There is a huge potential to drive your sales if you can follow certain patterns while listing the product. 

There are a lot of tips that can be used to boost your product sales. But the most general formula is a heading for the product consisting of brand name, product name & features like size, colour, etc. 

But to constantly get ahead of your competitors you have to change a lot of things about your product on Amazon very fast.

Today we will discuss some useful tips that will help you boost your sale.

  • Use Your Title

Like it was said earlier, you need to pack a punch in the title itself. The more attractive it looks to the buyers, the more sales it will generate.

  • Use Repricer

To compete with other sellers you will have to stay one step ahead. The main factor is the price. If you sell your product at par with your competitors or at a lower price, it helps with your sales. 

Now you always have to stay on the lookout for the prices from others to determine your own. It is a hectic job to do manually. So you can take help from a REPRICER who can automatically change the price based on the logic you set.

  • Add Keywords

Now keywords are another big factor. When a customer buys anything on Amazon, they go to the search bar above and type some keywords to look for a product they want. 

This could be your ace up the sleeve if utilized properly. The more keyword you keep in your Title & description, the more hits it will get from the buyers. If your product is good, your sale will go up the roof. 

But the keywords change very often, hence you need to keep yourself updated about them and update the description as often as you can.

  • Inventory Syncing

If you are using multiple platforms to sell your products, you should keep all of the prices of your inventory the same across platforms. 

You can track the product across platforms and updating will save you some time. This tip is not about sales boost, rather a personal observation on time management. 

  • Stunning Product Images 

Another driving factor could be the images of your products. The more detailed and attractive they are, the better your chance of increased sales. You should always try to get a photoshoot done for your product with any Professional Photographer. 

Also in the case of apparel, cosmetics, etc. try to use proper models to increase the chances of better sales.

  • Campaigns

You can always drive your sales through social media campaigns or advertisements. You can provide coupon codes that can be used in Amazon to get a special discount. 

You can generate coupons through Amazon and share them with your viewers but there are certain criteria you will have to follow.

  • Create Content

You can create a page of your own like a website or blog where you can write about your products, share customer feedback. The more you write on your page, the more visibility you get on the Internet. You can write a blog about your product with all descriptions in 2000 – 3000 Words.

  • Social Media Influencer

You can take help from various social media influencers available to help boost your sales. There are certain PR agencies that work as mediators between you and them. You can pay them to post on social media or you can provide barter deals. It works all the same.

  • Instagram’s Sales Channel

You can use Instagram Sales to post your Product Links through Posts and Stories and Reels. It gives you a Social Media Presence as well as a Boost to your Sales.

In the end, it is essential to say that the main factor behind the increase in the sale is the quality of the product. If the product is not up to the mark, whatever tips and tricks you use, you will not generate many sales. 

So first you need to concentrate on Product Quality and then follow the tips mentioned above.

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