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Everything You Need To Know About Pay Per Call Marketing Is Here!

Everything You Need To Know About Pay Per Call Marketing Is Here!

The Internet has proved itself as a powerful advertisement medium for business. With the advancement in technology, a lot of effective marketing strategies have been introduced. Yet there is a slightly old version of marketing, which is not only practical but can be easily operated.

Yes, I am talking about pay per call marketing. This article highlights all the essential things you need to know about PPC before hiring a reliable pay per call marketing company in London.

What Is PPC?

PPC “Pay per call marketing” is a well-known marketing strategy in which an advertiser pays for the number of phone calls attended by the customers. The basic scenario of this strategy is, a businessman pays money to a marketing agency. Then that marketing team targets a specific audience and calls them to inform the customers about their services.

This is a very effective way to enhance sales in a business.

What Are The Major Benefits of PPC?

According to a recent report of Kelsey/BIA, the annual business per call will reach 162 billion dollars by 2019, which is a significantly bigger figure than 2014.

These are some of the most prominent advantages of PPC.

Fraud Protection and Quality Control

For a marketer specifically for a performance-based marketer, pay per calls helps to control quality leads. The primary goal of any marketing tactic is to enhance the sales of a specific product. PPC is a practical way to get maximum ROI.

Along with this, you can target a specific group of people to avoid junk calls. In this way, you can save a lot of time and budget. And get more profit with less investment.

Because people tend to spend more money on buying services operated by phone calls. Due to its convenient understanding and user-friendly nature.

Comprehensive Visibility and Control

The aim of digital media marketing is to convert insights into the online conversation. The same you get with pay per call marketing in less time and investment. It helps to enhance your online visibility and traffic effectively.

PPC gives us many benefits in organizing the business, including:

  • Detailed caller profile
  • Call traffic sources
  • Full view of the path to purchase
  • Top affiliates and campaigns
  • Customer preferences
  • Latest tactics
  • Most recent updates
  • Call conversations and outcomes
  • Real-time conversation rate

With PPC, you get more online insights than social media campaigns.

Enhanced ROI

You get a guaranteed recipe for significant ROI with PPC. Because it helps to boost quality leads, media investment, and customers. With PPC, you target an entirely new stream of people that adds up to your business and helps to get a higher Return on Investment.

If you are having trouble to advertise your services. Then it’s the perfect time to consult affordable PPC services in London. It will definitely help to boost up your business a lot.

Get More Valued Leads

Yeah, websites are great tools to advertise your services, but nothing can beat the magic of phone calls.  Statistics say that there are 51% more chances to get sales leads with PPC. Because even if this era of digitalization, people prefer calling the service provider to speak in detail about their issue rather than visiting the websites and landing pages.

From this critical analysis, you can clearly get an idea of the significance of pay per call marketing.

Significant goals of Pay Per Call Marketing

The primary purpose of this campaign is to target a significant audience and turn traffic into sales with a substantial increase in ROI. It provides complete host information and generates fruitful leads with maximum control.

Besides, PPC saves your time with the assurance of targeting like-minded people (people who want to purchase the service that you are selling.

How to Track Phone Numbers in PPC?

There are two ways to track phone numbers in PPC.

  1. Fundamental tracking numbers
  2. Dynamic tracking numbers

Fundamental Way

In fundamental type, the host assigns a specific tracking number to each campaign. It makes it easy to gather all the information about a particular campaign quickly. But this method is time-consuming. Therefore, marketers prefer a dynamic way to track phone numbers.

Dynamic Way

The dynamic tracking numbers are integrated into your website content. It is a more efficient way to lead customers towards the specific services they are looking for. These tracking numbers direct visitors to the complete advertisement and the calling details.

In this way, visitors get a general idea of the specific services you are offering. Because they visit the ad entirely and select a particular service accordingly. Moreover, you can easily access any advertisement by dynamic track phone numbers.

Why Should You Invest Money in PPC?

You may think that what is the point of investing money in pay per call when you have a modern technique pay per click that may prove useful?

But statistics prove that this mindset is completely wrong. Let me explain my point in simple words.  In pay per click, your conversation rate increases that indicates the enhanced interest of customers in your business. But a click by the mouse can be an accidental click as well.

Why Should You Invest Money in PPC

For instance, a visitor can accidentally click your site and vanish in a few seconds? Is it going to be beneficial for you? Despite that, you will have to pay for each click.

While in case of pay per call, increasing the conversation rate is a definite sign that a person is interested in your services.  Because someone has extracted some time out of their busy schedule to ask about your business. It means they will definitely come to you sooner or later.

So, with this simple example, it can be clearly seen that pay per call is a far better marketing strategy than pay per click and social media marketing.


If my points are significant enough to convince you for PPC, then it’s the perfect time to consult PPC services in London. Good Luck!

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