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Airtel DTH Set-Top Box

How To Activate Free Channels In Airtel DTH Set-Top Box

Airtel is one of the biggest companies providing telecom, DTH, and broadband internet services in India today. The telecom provider has been a flag-bearer with initiating many changes in these sectors which have gained a lot of popularity among its customers using these services. The DTH services of Airtel have especially undergone a huge change recently brought forward by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India also known as TRAI. These changes have touched upon many aspects of the television experience of the customers such as the packaging of channels and pricing. Based on these new changes, Airtel too has modified its DTH offerings to their customers. One of the notable changes is the introduction of Free to Air or FTA channels, which the customers can add to their DTH packs at no additional prices. The customers can make the most of their DTH connection and the set-top box while enjoying quality entertainment. While not completely free, the customer only has to pay the network capacity fee that will be added to the pack of the customer. If you too are an Airtel DTH customer or planning to get an Airtel DTH connection, here is the information on the FTA channels and instructions on how to add them to your account:

  • The FTA channels are available as Ala-carte channels as part of the added offering to a selection of paid channels or packs
  • These FTA channels are currently being offered on a complimentary basis to the customers with a single top-up based on the calculated Network Capacity Fee
  • For up to 200 SD channels, the network capacity fee of INR 153.40 (inclusive of applicable taxes) is chargeable to the customers, while for more than 200 SD channels, INR 188.80  is chargeable
  • If the customer has a secondary Airtel DTH connection the NCF amount is reduced to INR 61.36 (inclusive of applicable taxes) for up to 200 SD channels and INR 75.52 (inclusive of applicable taxes) for more than 200 SD channels
  • While calculating the NCF, the HD channels are also available and each subscription to the HD channel is counted equal to the subscription to two SD channels
  • If the customer wants apart from the complimentary top-ups, the customers can also opt for a subscription to a few of these FTA channels
  • Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe to the complimentary top-up at their discretion anytime from their Airtel DTH account

To add these channels to your Airtel DTH subscription, the customers can follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • From the registered mobile number, send an SMS with “ADD <Channel Number>” to 54325
  • The customers who do not have their registered mobile numbers handy can send “ADD <Channel Number> ID <Customer ID>” and follow the instructions along with the OTP that they will receive
  • Customers can also subscribe to these FTA channels using the Airtel Thanks App. On the Airtel Thanks App, the customers need to log in using their customer ID and registered mobile number
  • Once logged into the Airtel Thanks App, the customers need to go to their account using the dashboard and click on the Add and Remove Channels option
  • They will be able to see the FTA channels there under the Ala-carte tab. Do note that the DD channels can also be subscribed in the same way however they are not counted towards the 200 channels limit

The customers can enjoy these channels free of cost for the entire month which is a great option for price-sensitive customers. According to the new TRAI instructions, the customers have the right to choose the channels that they wish to subscribe to individually, and with these options, the customers can minimize their DTH expenses.

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