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Changing Domain Names and Website Hosting Challenge SEO

How Changing Domain Names and Website Hosting Challenge SEO?

While running a website, you need to come across a large number of matters that tend to affect your SEO ranking. Changing domain names and web hosting is one of them. Whether it is a blog, a video streaming, or an online store, the main target is getting more and more traffic. It helps you to improve the conversion volume and helps you to practice the various SEO techniques to get more visibility. However, moving or changing your domain can have more impact on your website than you can think. Are you wondering how? Here, have a look: 

How does changing your domain challenge your SEO? 

You are definitely going to affect your SEO as you are opting for a domain change. Here is how it affects your SEO: 

You may lose your old set up: 

Being a new website owner, it takes much time to understand and build your implication with the changing of the domain name. In case you are moving to a new domain name, it indicates that you have sold your old domain. You are unfortunately going to lose all your links and equity that you have built for your old domain. This can affect your organic traffic, and your domain authority may start diminishing. You can opt for any SEO Company Melbourne to get the best SEO service regarding your domain shifting related issues.

Redirecting failure: 

The domain changing may affect your proper redirecting and tends to come with failure. Thus it leads to the loss of traffic during the migration. As you have lost your live page front, your visitors may have 404 pages. It is also crucial for the timely conveying of your search engine website with a low ranking. Also, it may lead to zero visibility.

Content duplication: 

Another major area that can occur is the challenge regarding content duplication. As your site is already going to have canonicalization issues, it can go up to the domain levels. This imposes problems like plagiarism. You may need to implement a canonical URL extension for removing the content duplicating issues. 

How web hosting affects your SEO? 

Also, the hosting affects your SEO. There are various areas that come up with the challenging factors to the SEO that you need to focus on. Here is how it affects: 

  • Server quality: web hosting has a major impact on the quality of your SEO. While looking for hosting, make sure the server is not very crowded. Too many crowded servers lead to downtimes and come up with a lower SEO ranking. 
  • Server location: The web hosting server, which is located in the same country along with your website, is important. Picking a huge location difference leads to the loss of traffic due to the high geographical difference. 
  • Page loading speed: In case your host is having a slow loading speed when it is going to affect the performance standards. This is particularly crucial when you try to invite more users who use their mobile to scroll through the websites. 
  • Changing of the website structure: Different hosts come with different kinds of structural changes. When crawlers come to visit your site, they are probably going to mistake it as a new site if the hosting is new. This can affect your ranking performance on the SERP. 


Before you take the decision to migrate to another domain name or web hosting, you need to consider all the above-mentioned points. Also, it is important to check on the history and service of the web hosting provider that you are picking for your website.

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