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Take Away the Headache of Starting Your Web Hosting Business with MilesWeb

Starting any type of business is a daunting task. It requires infrastructure, finance, hardware, space, etc. So, you need to take lots of efforts to start the business and it will take a lot of time to earn profit. It means you need to be patient for all this to go smoothly.

Do you have that much patience? Of course not. Today all want to earn and get rich as fast as possible. Is there any such business that can start giving you instant income and profit?

Fortunately, it is available and called as reseller hosting business. Reseller hosting business isn’t expensive to start with. Moreover, you don’t need to buy a space for any physical hardware placements. Everything is done online and so, you simply need to have a good internet connection with you.                                                               

Before going in depth of “how to start a web hosting business?”, let’s first check what reseller hosting is?

What is Reseller Hosting?

If you have the basic knowledge of websites, you might know that you need to host the website on a server to make it visible to all. For this, you need to purchase a web hosting plan.

Reseller hosting is also a type of web hosting where the reseller (company or individual) can purchase a larger hosting block that includes a larger disk space and bandwidth and sell it to his customers you can buy cheap reseller hosting from MilesWeb or other hosting company but start your reseller hosting business with trusted company only.

Based upon the number of customers and their needs, you as a reseller can decide on the amount of resources you should buy from the parent company. 

You are independent to create multiple packages and sell them to your customers. You can also offer add-on services such as emails, domains, CDN, SSL certificates, etc.

How to Start a Web Hosting Business?

Find a Perfect Niche

Because you are a web hosting reseller, you will need to be ready for competing with plenty of players along with big brands.

For successfully entering in this business and sustaining consistent growth, it is important to understand the market situations and launch a service/product needed by people.

Rather than offering to general people, decide on a particular offering. Select a niche where you can sell better as compared to your competitors. For instance,web hosting for personal bloggers, web hosting for food bloggers, web hosting for travel bloggers or forum hosting.

Also, check the search the search volume, competition, price range, CPC and other such metrics to find where to start.


May you build the web hosting reseller business from scratch or upsell hosting services to existing customers, focus on creating a memorable brand that people can be proud of.

Take efforts on logo, font, colors, website layout, graphics, social media, ad copies and email marketing.

Select a Perfect Web Hosting Company

Be alert while select a reseller hosting partner.

Discover the product and add-on services you want to offer to your clients. This will help you to easily determine the amount of resources you will need and select the best reseller web hosting provider.

Take a look at the prime considerations such as bandwidth, disk space, CPU and memory when selecting a web host.

Today, a standard package includes SSD, SSL certificate and CDN.

Also, check if the web host offer advanced features such as HTTP/2,SSD,CloudLinux OS, PHP 7.X, script-installer and remote backup to get more chances to sell web hosting services at premium prices with less efforts.

Your hosting management and billing process will be easier with cPanel and WHM.

Check the below features while selecting a reseller web host:

  • The parent company’s reputation
  • White label and private name servers
  • Website migration
  • Website backup
  • Domain reseller account
  • Server location choice
  • 24/7 expert support

There is one such popular web hosting company that offers all the above features.


MilesWeb is a popular  and cheap web hosting company that is founded on 2012. The company caters to all the clients globally. They provide all types of web hosting services such as shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated, WordPress and cloud hosting to cater the needs of all businesses. They have won several awards from various review companies for security, performance, customer support and reliability. Their technicians are well trained and provide support for 24/7 to help their client websites run smoothly. Clients can contact them via live chat or email. They ensure that you get the best uptime of 99.95% and 30 day money back.

Reseller Hosting Plans

reseller hosting plans


  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Reseller
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 100% White Labeled
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • Web Host Manager (WHM)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • One-Click Installer
  • Free Website Builder
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Malware Scan & Protection
  • Email Service


After setting up a web hosting reseller business, think about capturing leads and close the maximum sales.

Based on your budget, experience and skills, you can select your marketing channel.

Social media, SEO, email marketing, etc. are useful for delivering your marketing message to the potential customers.

By selecting a marketing budget you can give a try for PPC or other advertising options for generating quick sales.

The Verdict

Thus, you can see that starting a web hosting business is no big deal but you need to check for a few things prior to starting one. Also, your web hosting provider should offer you all the features mentioned about to run your web hosting business smoothly. MilesWeb offers you all the features to make your reseller hosting business fruitful. Also, you don’t need to look after any heavy tasks such as server management or technical aspects as they take away your headache of starting your web hosting business and help it to grow steadily.

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