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half birthday ideas
half birthday ideas

Best Half Birthday Decoration Ideas in 2021

Your kids only get to celebrate your birthday once a year! It’s not the same if it’s celebrated on the first half-year of the child, “before their first birthday!” Yes, you heard it right. Though you might not be familiar with the idea, half birthdays are not that crazy of a concept however with babies it is fun to celebrate their 6-month milestone. Across the world, parents tend to make efforts to make their little one’s day a big affair. Since the arrival of your cutie pie and maybe much before that, you might have been planning of celebrating your kid’s first birthday. However, still, there are so many months to go, and you as parents might be impatient. Well, for all the parents, why not have a half-year birthday bash? This idea is novel and gives you a great opportunity to celebrate your kid and meet up with your loved ones too!

When we talk about a half-birthday party, the automatic thing that follows it is the half-birthday party decoration. You make it right; the party is super it! So, to make your kid’s big day special, we have rounded up some of the amazing half birthday decorations ideas in 2021 below.

Let’s see what we have got for you on the list this time.

  • Cheerful Decoration with Balloons

While balloon decoration can be a big thing to beautify your party space with some splashy hues that are now on-trend. If you are not confirmed on how to add pops of color to your kid’s half birthday decoration at home, you can go for a rainbow of hues for the decoration which is very easy and looks adorable as well. Apart from rainbow and vibrant colors, you can go for soft and pleasant pastel colors which look adorable too! You can add latex balloons clubbed with shimmery confetti balloons too.

  • Addition of gold with blue or pink

So guys, dipping your toes into something gold that is clubbed with blue or pink shade for the first time can be best for 6 month birthday decoration ideas. This is why we think the easiest way for your 6-month birthday decoration idea at home can be by the addition of gold with blue or pink for baby boy and baby girl. Consider mixing up things such as balloons, it’s my half birthday banners, foil curtains, and photo booth props with these sophisticated shades.

  • Putting Up Shimmery Foil Curtains

An addition of shimmery foil curtains to the 6 monthly baby birthday decoration can add glamour to your chic and quirky decoration by some different colors. The infused foil curtain with some stunning color brings balance to the entire party set up contributing to the party vibe.

  • It’s My Half Birthday Decoration With Banner

To be honest, we love it’s my half-month birthday banner and this is why you will also fall head over heels when you spot it to your kid’s half birthday decoration. You can go for some colorful or theme-inspired banner with a downright funky style to make the decoration more adorable.

  • Paper Fan For Adornment

We suggest you go for some colorful paper fan to brighten up your kid’s 6 monthly birthday decorations at home by hanging them in space. The addition of paper fans can add to the array of your half-birthday decoration items for the special celebration.

  • Half Pound of Happiness with Topper & Candle

The addition of a cake topper and candles for your kid’s half-pound cake can be a personalized touch. We adore a half-pound customized cake as it can be perfect for the day. See the cheerful smile on your kid’s face will be wickedly dreaming of attacking over the cake!

  • Happy Birthday Blunting Foil 

A Happy Birthday Blunting foil balloon gives a traditional as well as a modern lift to your kids half birthday decoration. The balloons with alphabetic letters perk things up with a welcoming appearance.

  • Arrange for a Photo Booth

A colorful and funky photo booth prop provides a spark to your kid’s celebration in a chic way! The addition of props can be an eye-popping feature for your birthday backdrop and capture some memories while having fun together with kids and your dearest ones. Pick some props that look super unique and cool for the celebration!

  • Flag Banners That Are Hit

While some believe that only happy birthday banners are enough to decorate their kid’s half-birthday party, we prefer adding another banner that is a flag banner too! Particularly when it comes to some stunning and multi-colored flag banners, they are gorgeous addition. They put opulence to the entire half-birthday party decoration. Place them below the banner, along with half birthday balloons, or at the entrance to the top of the door, flag banners are always a hit as they can be reused on other occasions too! 

  • Photo Calendar & LED Lights

You won’t believe how much led lights can add to your kids half birthday decoration at home. They are super versatile as they can be used for birthday decoration indoor or outdoor, can be used in other festivals and occasions, and even for casual room decoration too! Add some led lights to the backdrop along with the balloons. You can also go for photo calendars and club them up with lights or get an led photo strip light too! Add some memorable pictures of your kid to make it the center of attraction for the day.

You can make even a simple half-birthday celebration more memorable and special with all of the above-mentioned ideas. The trick is to get some of the best and unique 6-month birthday decoration items that reflect color, and the special day too. Your creativeness can enhance the sense of partiness and the milestone as well! 

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