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E-Book Reader Apps

Best E-Book Reader Apps In Android Market

Bibliophiles could convert their Android smartphones into e-book readers with the help of e-book reader apps and many people like to listen to songs while they are read something, so if you are one of them, then use Spotify Premium Free and listen to your favorite songs while you are reading. Here’s a list of the best e-book reader apps in the Android Market.

 1. Aldiko

Aldiko Book Reader Premium is a paid book reader app created by Aldiko Limited. Through this e-book reader app, you can download and read e-books on your Android-powered mobile device. The vast e-book catalog of Aldiko features tens of thousands of books, including classics and best sellers. The built-in search tool enables users to locate their favorite books. Before downloading an e-book, you can even read the online reviews. With the app, users can organize the e-books in the digital library. Tags are instantly added to the books downloaded with Aldiko. This considerably eases search. You can even edit the tags or add other information. The books that you are currently reading could be accessed directly from the home screen.

You can add bookmarks that will help you to resume reading from the page you read the last time. To enhance your reading experience further, you can customize the texts. The text size, font style, margin, alignment, line spacing, and even the background colors could be adjusted to ease reading. The pages of the e-books could be turned with swipe and tap gestures. The night mode automatically adjusts the brightness of the display when you are reading in subdued light. By pressing a word on display, you can search for its meaning in the built-in dictionary, Wikipedia, or Google. Aldiko supports ePub and PDF documents. You can easily import and borrow documents and e-books in ePub and PDF formats to Aldiko. Other e-book catalogs could be merged with Aldiko through the My Catalog feature of the app.

Aldiko Book Reader could be downloaded from the Android Market for $2.99. A free edition of the e-book reader is also available.

2. Kindle for Android

The Android version of the popular Kindle e-book reader could be downloaded from the Android Market. While the cheapest Amazon Kindle is priced at $114, the e-reader app optimized for Android devices is available free of cost. Users can read and download e-books, magazines, and newspapers from the Kindle Store. The bookstore is currently packed with more than 900,000 titles, and it is increasing. You can even access thousands of free e-books, including popular classics. Most books in the Kindle Store costs less than $10. Before buying an e-book, you can read the first chapter of the book free.

The upgraded app flaunts a refreshed library layout. Readers can customize the font style, font size, and background color of the contents. The integrated search tool will help you to locate specific words, phrases, topics, or characters inside a book. The app features a built-in dictionary and Wikipedia and Google links for extracting particular information from the web. Amazon Whispersync technology, embedded in Kindle, automatically synchronizes the last page read, bookmarks, highlights, and notes with compatible devices including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac, and PC.

3. Nook for Android

Nook for Android is a free e-reader app created by Barnes & Noble. It offers several features of the popular Nook e-book reader. Users can access the Nook e-book catalog and download free and paid e-books, newspapers, and magazines on their Android smartphones and tablets.

More than two million titles are stowed in the online bookstore. It offers a 14-day free trial for popular magazines such as National Geographic, The Economist, The Oprah Magazine, and US Weekly. The app also comes with five free e-books. The built-in Quick Actions Toolbar enables users to organize their digital libraries. You can archive a book, delete a book from the library, or even share it with friends. Nook users can import files in ePub formats to the e-book reader application. Only with the flick of a finger, you can turn the pages of the e-book. Nook features a built-in dictionary. You can customize your reading experience by adjusting the form size.

4. Kobo eBooks for Android

Kobo eReader is one of the most affordable devices in the e-book reader sector. The Kobo eBooks app is one of the most beautiful free e-book reader applications in the Android market. With this app, you can download and read thousands of free and affordable e-books on your Android device. Before buying a book, you can read reviews or read the first chapter. Kobo allows social networking through the built-in Facebook app. You can share your thoughts, selected passages from a book, or recommend books from your digital library through the social networking app. The Reading Life feature evaluates your reading habits.

Readers could earn awards by reading. You can even expand your library with books in ePub formats received through emails, webs, or imported from the local library. Books stored in the Kobo app could be synchronized with PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The size and style of the text and the screen brightness could be customized to improve the reading experience of Kobo users. Nighttime reading is facilitated by activating the built-in Night Mode. You can add notes, highlight passages, and turn pages by using the volume key. Through a single Kobo account, you can manage multiple Kobo eBook apps.

5. Moon+ Reader

Along with the usual features on an e-book reader such as access to online e-book libraries and stores, customizing the reading experience, and organizing the digital library, the e-book reader app offers several additional features.

You can activate the built-in text-to-speech function by shaking the Android phone. The line space, alignment, shadow, font scale, fading edges, and alpha colors could be customized. It offers up to twenty-one customized operations and fifteen personalized events. The app features a mini reading status bar. It could automatically analyze the chapter list. It could manage your bookmarks, highlights, notes, and reading history.

6. Google eBooks for Android

With this free Android app, you can store your e-books in the cloud. You can access more than three million free e-books with Google eBooks. This Google app works on Android devices running on Android Éclair or later operating systems. It supports offline reading.

Users can customize their reading experience by adjusting the text size and line spaces. Currently, Google eBooks for Android is available only for Android device users in the United States.

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