Tuesday , November 28 2023
Credit Card features

3 Credit Card Features for the Best Online Shopping Offers

According to the latest report published by Statista, the e-commerce revenue market in India is predicted to grow to 62.3 billion USD by the end of the financial year 2023. E-commerce growth is directly relevant to the usage of digital payment methods. In tune with this, as many as 10.3 million credit cards were added between May 2018 and 2019; indicative of the fact that credit cards are becoming more accepted as a preferred mode for online financial transactions.

There are several credit card options available in the Indian financial market today that might make it difficult for individuals to choose the most suitable card. Top cards such as the RBL Bank credit card can be utilized for online shopping as it offers multiple attractive benefits in the form of reward points, welcome bonuses, cashback, EMI options, etc.

Credit card features to look for to enjoy the best shopping offers

The most suitable credit card depends upon the individual’s spending habits and purchasing patterns. While one may be interested in the purchase of clothing, the other may utilize their credit card to purchase online movie tickets, hotel bookings, groceries, etc.

To streamline users’ purchasing habits and offer them the best benefits in their online shopping experience, financial institutions have included multiple online credit cards that can instantly meet an individual’s financial needs.

A prospective user should look at the below-mentioned features that a credit card to maximize the benefits while shopping online.

  • Conversion of purchases into easy EMIs

Since online shopping applies to multiple products and even services, credit cards provide users with the flexibility of payment. Users can convert their credit card purchases into easy EMIs that reduce the lump sum burden as they don’t have to pay the entire amount upfront. Consumers can thereby enjoy easy and hassle-free estimated monthly installments (EMIs) with credit cards such as the RBL Bank credit card and other such financial products.

  • Rewards and cashback

Top credit cards provide numerous offers on shopping online including cash backs, discounts, and vouchers on purchase of specific products. They also offer a substantial amount of reward points which can be later be redeemed for future transactions. Reward points are a feature that most credit card issuers provide to attract and retain users. Consumers are rewarded with reward points on eligible purchases. Availing cash backs, purchasing vouchers, etc. are a few things to do with credit card reward points.

  • High welcome bonus

Some credit cards offer a welcome bonus feature. Shoppers can utilize the reward points for the purchase of vouchers or convert them into cash and utilize it for online shopping. RBL Bank credit card is one such financial product that provides customers with up to 20,000 reward points. Hence, acquiring a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard can benefit online shoppers substantially.

Moreover, existing customers can further benefit from pre-approved offers provided by financers like Bajaj Finserv. These offers ensure a smooth user experience by simplifying the application process. Pre-approved offers are available on home loans, personal loans, business loans, as well as on several other financial products. Check your pre-approved offer by providing a name and contact number.

Keeping these factors in mind while opting for an online credit card will help an individual choose the most suitable credit card to maximize the benefits. In recent times, online shopping is no constricted domain but a huge platform that covers almost every form of products and services right from the groceries to electronic appliances and other heavy goods as well. It is vital that a prospective credit card user opts for a card that provides such offers best suited for his/her requirements. Make sure to maintain a CIBIL score around or above 750 to apply for the most suitable credit card and to enjoy the most beneficial terms and features.

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