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Hemorrhoid Skin Tags

How to Shrink Hemorrhoid Skin Tags Naturally

Guess you are among those who are searching for answers to how to shrink haemorrhoid skin tags naturally. People who have never had an anal skin tag, or have no knowledge about it easily assume it for other things. 

Most of the times people take it as a haemorrhoid or anal fissures. But an anal skin tag is completely different and its removal process is also different from the rest.

So if you have doubts regarding it, then just stick to this article until the end. It is better to gather real information rather than sitting and assuming things. However, here you would get the answers to how to shrink haemorrhoid skin tags naturally

Anal Skin Tags

What is an Anal Skin tag?

Before you understand how to shrink a haemorrhoid skin tag naturally, It is important to understand what an anal skin tag is actually about. 

It does not matter if they are harmful or painful, it is important to understand the ways to identify them so that you can help yourself to remove them. To be clear, these skin tags are neither warts nor acne and they can be annoying, irritating and very bothersome. 

Sometimes they can be cured at home naturally while other times you may need to consult with a doctor. However, these anal skin tags are skin around the anus that loosens itself to allow an opening for the passage of the stool. 

It is prone to be stretched by the enlargement of the underlying haemorrhoid blood vessels. The stretched skin can even cause persist leading to a bump or anal skin tag. 

Moreover, to identify it, it is important to understand the anal skin tag symptoms. The most common types of symptoms include small asymptomatic labels whereas the larger labels include swelling, itching, skin rash and hygiene problems. 

What causes Hemorrhoid skin tags?

Before you find out how to shrink a haemorrhoid skin tag naturally, don’t you think it is essential to understand what causes it. Therefore to make things easier for you, here is a list of factors involved. 

  • Friction or irritation 

The skin marks often develop and increase near the areas of friction.

However, an anal skin tag can be caused due to friction which is because of exercise, prolonged sitting or wearing tight clothes. 

  • Constipation

People who deal with constipation also go through haemorrhoid skin tags. 

This is mainly because the skin has to stretch so the large and hard stools can pass. 

However, it leads to pressuring the area which swells the blood vessels. If the skin does not come back to its proper shape then it can lead to marks. 

  • Diarrhoea

Most of the time the loose stools irritate the skin around the anus and people use toilet paper harshly to clean the area. 

  • Haemorrhoid

These can be defined as the veins which are swollen and inflamed around the rectum. 

The haemorrhoid heals when the veins shrink. However, these are quite common and are seen affecting 1 out of 15 people. 

  • Crohn’s disease 

This disease is caused because of intestinal inflammation which leads to diarrhoea and constipation. 

According to experts, people suffering from Crohn’s disease are more prone to haemorrhoids. 

Ways to Remove Anal Skin Tag – both Artificially and Naturally !! 

Anal Cutaneous Papillomas are created mostly due to the inflammation caused by previous haemorrhoids which can occur often after pregnancy, lifting heavyweight, constipation, diarrhoea and more. 

However, the skin around the anus is loose than any other part because it has to expand during bowel movements. Now you must be wondering how to shrink a haemorrhoid skin tag naturally. Well, to let you know there are both artificial and natural ways available. 

1.Artificial ways 

Now that you know what an Anal skin tag is, here is a list of artificial ways to shrink haemorrhoid skin tags at home easily. 

  • Using clear nail polish

It may sound like a joke, but the truth is using clear nail polish can really help in curing anal skin tags. Though it is highly recommended to start small and slow so that no bad reaction takes place, all you have to do is use a clear nail polish that does not have any colour or fillers. Then apply it directly to the skin tag. 

Make sure to apply it from time to time but don’t over-apply it. On the other hand, try to be careful when doing so and see the results yourself.

  • Use essential oils

Another great way to shrink haemorrhoids easily at home is using essential oils directly to the source of an anal skin tag. This would help in healing it not just from outside but inside too. 

When buying essential oil, go for the lemon one as it would have antibacterial properties. However, it may take a long time but is surely going to be helpful.

2.Natural ways

Here comes the list of natural ways that will give you the answer to how to shrink haemorrhoid skin tag naturally. 

Anal skin tags can be irritating more than they tend to be painful. There are ways you can prefer to shrink it but it may take a longer period of time. 

On the other hand, using products can also be beneficial. However, it is recommended to check the reviews before getting one. 

You can also seek medication from a homoeopathic treatment to get rid of it. But in case if you are seeking a long term cure, then the list of ways curated below will surely help you out. 

  • Slim cable

One of the most common ways to shrink a haemorrhoid skin tag is using a slim cable. All you have to do is tie it around the skin with a thin wire and wait until it falls off itself.

Those who are wondering which thin wire to use can choose dental floss. However, it is recommended to use a sterilized wire making sure it is clean enough to cause infection of any kind.

  • Potatoes

You must have heard of the benefits that potatoes come with. No wonder it has proven to be helpful in treating haemorrhoid skin tags as well. 

All you need to do is cut a piece of potato and stick it to the skin tag overnight. 

  • Baking soda and Castor oil

Another proven way to treat haemorrhoids skin tag naturally is using baking soda and castor oil. 

To carry on with this process, make a paste of these two ingredients and apply it on the skin tag twice or thrice a day for better results. 

  • Apple cider vinegar

If you are thinking about how to shrink haemorrhoids skin tag naturally, then you can count on apple cider vinegar anytime. It is well known for treating skin issues. 

To treat the skin tag, dip a cotton ball in the vinegar and apply it to the label. Just make sure not to use it to treat eyelids as it can cause eye irritation

  • Dandelion

Dandelion is also helpful if you are wondering how to shrink haemorrhoid skin tags naturally. 

This is because dandelion comes with healing properties and should be applied to the affected area for weeks to get better results.

Things to avoid doing with Anal skin tag removal !!

As you are aware of the Do’s, it is important to know about the Don’ts as well. This is why here’s a list of precautions that you should maintain.

  • Removing with dental floss

Make sure you are not trying to remove the skin tags using dental floss or tell others to do it. 

  • Using a stick

Do not try to remove the skin tag using any kind of stick. 

Also, it is recommended not to poke it with any hard substance. 

  • Using medications

It is recommended not to use any kind of medicines until your doctor has prescribed you to take one.

What precautions to take related to Skin tag removal?

Guess you already have got the answer to how to shrink haemorrhoid skin tags naturally

But it is recommended to educate yourself about the precautions that need to be taken. However, here is a list of them mentioned below. 

  • Wearing breathable undergarments

It is recommended to wear breathable undergarments which should be soft and absorbent. 

The underwear should not be tight to cause discomfort of any type.

  • Avoiding constipation

Make sure to avoid the problems of constipation. 

Try to maintain a good diet that helps to prevent problems of overweighting. 

If you are suffering from any kind of digestive issue, then try to consult with a doctor. 

  • Excessive cleaning

Try to avoid excessive cleaning around the area that causes irritation. 

You can try using a damp cloth after completing the bowel movement.

Don’t freak out!!!

Haemorrhoid skin tags are not dangerous at all and can be easily removed. Basically, it is a non-cancerous growth of excessive skin. 

They are not internal so if you wish not to remove them, then also it is completely fine. There is no need to freak out or panic. On the other hand, seeking help from your family doctor can also be tried out. 

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