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Anal Skin Tags

Anal Skin Tags – A Skin Disorientation

When it comes to anal skin tags identification is the first step to cure as most who never had it may confuse it with an anal fissure. It is a very frustrating and unwanted irritation that may get agitated at the mere going of the washroom or even sitting for long periods of time. 

This natural haemorrhoid skin disorientation can be taken care of by deploying natural methods as the skin near the anal area is very sensitive and hence more prone to these skin tags. In case, these persist the safest option is to visit the doctor for professional medical treatment.

What actually are anal skin tags and why is it caused?

In very simple terms, the anal skin region is particularly loose and therefore gets stretched very often owing to the amplification of the haemorrhoid vessels of blood. 

The major cause of this could be prior to inflammation caused due to pregnancy, heavy lifting or exercising, and constipation or diarrhoea. 

Symptoms of Anal Skin Tags:

The most common symptoms of anal skin Tags include:

  • Skin irritation like rashes 
  • Constant feeling of unwanted weight
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness 
  • Problems related to hygiene. 

Is it possible to shrink these naturally?

It is possible to treat these anal skin  tags naturally and there are four ways in which they are best taken care of :

  • Use of clear nail polish: 

No matter how absurd it might sound, this is a way by which many suffer swear by. Before starting this make sure that you use it on a smaller surface to test unwanted reactions if any. 

The easiest way to do this to pour a small amount of nail polish which is devoid of any colour or fillers and use it at the irritated patch to keep it pure. Although it is not a very good option due to the chemicals present, however, the easy availability makes it a good choice. 

You could use it on a daily basis and notice that haemorrhoid would subside swiftly and would give you respite from the constant swelling.

  • Apply essential oils to remove it completely from the base: 

Another very prominent way to get rid of these anal skin tags is by using essential oils. The best results are seen when the essential oils are applied just at the right place and are allowed to breathe which allows them to heal naturally. 

Essential oils which have a tinge of lemon could be a good choice as they have antibacterial properties and can be very useful. However, the cons include that it will take a great amount of time to heal and the odour can be quite stringent to handle.

  • Avoid letting the place come in contact with oxygen: 

The best option that you can afford to do is protecting the area from any oxygen contact. A good idea could be to wrap the area or even use a band-aid for that particular area. 

Keeping the skin dry could be a good option as well. A numbing cream could also be applied.

  • A natural cure that would help in easy removal:  

A homoeopathic treatment could also prove beneficial. As the anal region is sensitive and therefore it is important to use those remedies which are best suited.

What to avoid with anal skin tags?

Some of the precautionary measures include:

  • Do not use dental floss
  • Do not freeze it unless under medical supervision 
  • Do not use a stick
  • Don’t use medicines without consent from the doctor.

Factors contributing to anal skin tags:

Anal skin tags could be particularly easily removed by dermatologists. Some of the most plausible causing factors could be :

  • An anal tag could develop due to friction.
  • Loose motions could also be responsible due to recurrent usage of rugged toilet paper.
  • Stretching of the skin due to constipation could also be responsible.
  • Haemorrhoids are a plausible cause as well.
  • Crohn’s Disease which is attributed to puffiness of the intestine. 

Reducing the possibility:

A doctor removing the anal skin tag would involve processes like inserting a well gelled up glove finger into the rectum or even with the use of liquid nitrogen depending on the requirements. 

Some of the ways how it can be managed are:

  • Using good quality and breathable underwear. 
  • Get rid of bowels regularly and consume enough fibres to avoid constipation. 
  • Using clean towels after using the washroom.
  • Constant diarrhoea and constipation could point towards an underlying disease. 
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise.

Anal skin tags can be taken care of naturally most of the times, however, if the problem persists check with a dermatologist for the best possible options to treat it.

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