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cakes for health
cakes for health

6 Gluten Free Cakes For The Health Conscious Person In You

Cakes are an amazing delight for every occasion and there is nothing more special and fulfilling than a delicious piece of this lip-smacking delicacy as dessert. But as much as these cakes are scrumptious, sadly they also carry a huge amount of calories that can make you break your heath regimes. But cakes are simply irresistible? Aren’t they? What if we say that you can enjoy as much of this dessert and still remain healthy? Well, we have a surprise in store. Gluten free cakes  are the perfect remedy for the sweet tooth of yours. Here is a list of gluten free cakes that you must consider if you are planning to have a slice of cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Satiate your inner dessert lover without any feeling of guilt and go for these healthier versions of your favourite dessert. 

Gluten Free Walnut Dry Cake: This crunchy and delicious dessert is the perfect fix to your cravings. A healthy version of walnut cakes, this cake is extremely delicious and will surely be loved by all. This cake is a popular choice among people these days due to its lip-smacking taste and moist texture that it seems better than any other cake loaded with calories. 

Coffee Cream Fit Cake: Coffee and cakes are pure bliss and what if we say that you can have a gluten free cake of this heavenly combination which tastes equally delicious and lip-smacking? Well, you can definitely have a cake that is not only  grain free but also sugar free and has coffee in it. Sounds like your types of dessert? A fit for all coffee addicts, this cake is the perfect fit for the health  freak in you. 

Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Cake: You cannot say no to chocolates specially when they are perfectly healthy. Dark chocolate gluten free cakes with little or no sugar are your pick if you wish to go healthy and satiate your cravings at the same time. This fit cake is exceptionally mouth-watering  and keto-friendly, sugar-free and gluten free. Dive into its chocolaty flavor with every bite of this sinful delight. 

Chocolate Overload Fit Cake: Chocolate overload fit cake is the perfect blend of cream, chocolate and moist cake. Melting in the mouth, this chocolate overload cake is everything that you would  want to satiate your chocolate carvings. Moreover, as delicious as it is, this chocolate cake is a perfectly healthy version to this heavenly  flavor. 

Vanilla Hazelnut Dry Cake: An amalgamation of fresh and healthy ingredients, this cake is for the ones who have hazelnut and vanillas obsession. The smooth flavors of vanilla and hazelnut wrapped in a cake made of almond flour and jaggery, is surely a pick for all the health freaks who love to try different varieties of cakes. 

Chocolate Swirl Fit Cheesecake: If you are a cheesecake fan but hesitate upon having one for you cannot manage to stop yourself after a bite here is a healthier version for you. Made without grains, this chocolate swirl fit cake tastes heavenly and is the best remedy to your cheesecake carvings. 

So, now that we have given you choices for a better and healthier version of cakes, place an online cake order in Delhi and other major cities and enjoy heavenly bites of these lip-smacking delicacies. 

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