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Freely Convert Your Word Files To PDF With PDF Bear

PDF Bear is the most convenient PDF online tool that you can access for free. Moreover, it has several features that you would find useful and even necessary in most cases, which can help you address your various needs in managing your files.

What Makes PDF Bear Special?

There are many online tools to choose from to manage your PDF files, so why chose PDF Bear? Well, aside from its free access, PDF Bear ensures and values your want for privacy. Its system will remove your files after one hour, which allows you to be the only viewer and editor of your documents.

To further convince you why PDF Bear is the best tool to run when you need a PDF manager, the following paragraphs will help you see why.

Convert Word To PDF Free

When sharing or sending files, you would prefer that it returns to you with no changes in the information nor add to the data you have carefully included in it. What better deal to achieve that but by converting your files into PDF formats?

Usually, Word Documents are the ones that need the format shift from a Word Doc file to a PDF one. The good news is that PDF Bear can help you convert word to PDF free and at no charge, quickly and without affecting the data in your file.

This process does not eat your time, and it will only take a few minutes. You will then have your newly converted PDF file. If you are not sure how to accomplish this task, below is a helpful guide for you to use:

  • Select the right file prior to uploading it to the system. You can also drag and drop them. Either way, please take note to select your file correctly.
  • Upon accomplishing such, the app will take care of the rest.
  • After a few minutes of processing your file, it is ready for you to save and download or share.

Convert PDF To Word

Well, if you can convert your Word files into PDFs, you can also convert your PDF files into Word files. This option is convenient, especially when you wish to add edits to a file already in PDF format. This way, you will be saved from the hassle of having to re-type the entire file manually in the Word Document app.

Convert PDF To Other Formats

Aside from Word Document files, PDF Bear allows you to convert your Excel, HTML, PPT, and JPG files into PDFs as well. And the same, you can also convert your PDF files into one of those formats mentioned.

Split PDF

You might want to separate a few pages from your PDF file and re-organize it. PDF Bear has a split option that enables you to do such a thing. With this feature, you can split your file into individual pages, allowing you to extract pages that might be unnecessary or might contain errors. Whatever the reason for it, PDDF Bear is available to aid you and help you accomplish such.

Lock & Unlock

Well, who wouldn’t want to keep their files private? A friend or a relative would often borrow your device, which can contain essential files that you would prefer to be accessible by only you. With PDF Bear, you can now add password protection to your files and help you feel secure even when your friend or sibling gain access to your gadgets.

If you can lock your files, it is also necessary to unlock them for you to access the data in it. But what if you somehow forgot the required password to open the file or the file you have received has encryption, and the sender forgot to include it in the message? PDF Bear instantly dispels that dilemma of yours. With its unlocking option, you can remove password protection from your files and gain access to it once again.

Repairing Corrupt Files

It is inevitable, but sometimes your files get corrupted. What then? PDF Bear has a repair feature that can aid you to retrieve your corrupted files and make them accessible and functional once more. However, please take note that PDF Bear can only do much to help you recover your corrupted files. There are still those that will be beyond retrievable.

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