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6 Benefits of Working With a Packaging Design Agency

Did you know that almost 90 percent of shoppers will stick with a brand if they feel it represents their values?

It’s time to ensure customers know what your brand stands for. And one of the best ways to do this is through ingenious packaging design. Of course, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about revitalizing your packaging design.

Choose the wrong way, and you’re throwing money down the drain. It’s worth putting that money into working with a packaging design agency. They have the skills and the resources to create branding that works.

Read on for a look into why hiring an agency will make your products shine.

1. Learn From the Experts

You’re already so busy with product development, company management, staffing, and so much more. Where would you possibly find the time to focus on branding, right?

Thankfully, there are a plethora of companies specializing in branding, marketing, and package design. And today, if you can’t find an agency you want to work with locally, you can head online to work with anyone anywhere on the globe.

If you choose to work with a packaging design company, you get immediate access to expert information. It’s even better if they already work in your niche since they’ll have a deep understanding of your market. The agency will draw on their knowledge to work faster, deliver suitable designs efficiently, and save you money.

Try to do your packaging design yourself, and you’re bound to make (expensive) bungles. Hire a design professional and take the shortcut to success.

2. Grow Faster With a Packaging Design Agency

If you work with a branding agency on your packaging, you’ll get your products onto the shelves fast.

Since the agency will download all of your market knowledge and combine that with their own testing, your product is almost certain to be profitable on launch. Not only will this give you some money to reinvest with, but you’ll also have the edge over your competitors.

Creative and well-functioning packaging design can promote a product’s perceived value, too. Think UnderAmour, which positions itself as a brand made by professional athletes for professional athletes, or Subway, which in the 1990s successfully sold itself as fast food for health junkies.

If your packaging is doing the job right, customers will resonate with the messages it’s sending. This will drive sales and increase that all-important word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Prove Your Product Quality

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” And when it comes to people, that might be true. However, any agency worth its salt will tell you this oft-quoted phrase is just plain wrong when it comes to packaging.

Your customer makes their decision on the quality of your product from the packaging. In the absence of playing with a demo, looking the product up on YouTube, or testing out a model their friend has, it’s how the only way they get to experience the product inside. If you use cheap packaging, have misspelled information, or low-quality photos, consumers won’t give your product a second glance.

An experienced packaging design agency like SmashBrand will know how to make the most of this mini advertising billboard. To emphasize the quality of the product inside, they’ll carefully select fonts and imagery, write enticing copy, and design creative unboxing processes.

4. Increase Brand Recognition

Customers form an opinion of a company or product in just a few seconds. And they need to see your brand an average of five to seven times before they’ll remember it. This dichotomy of customer response to branding is complicated, and as such, it’s something best left to the experts.

A product packaging agency will ensure your branding is consistent across all your marketing materials, from the box your products come in to the website you sell them on. Your slogan, your company colors, and your logo will all come together to create a brand story your customers can recognize in an instant.

Get this right, and you’ll sell your products faster. You’ll bring in more long-term and repeat business. And your loyal customers will recognize you easily in a crowded marketplace.

5. Protect Your Products

It’s all well and good to follow packaging trends or incorporate value-enhancing elements when designing product packaging. They’re bound to get your product noticed on the shelves. But in this era of online shopping, what you also need to consider is how well the packaging protects the items inside.

No one wants a purchase they’ve been excitedly waiting for to arrive on their doorstep broken. That’s a recipe for a negative customer review.

Great packaging incorporates form and function with aesthetics, and branding agencies specialized in packaging design know this. They use sturdy materials like heavy cardboard or plastic, add windows so the customer can experience the product safely, and couch fragile items in cushioning or form-fitting frames.

6. Grab Attention on Social Media

According to Google, one in every five consumers globally has watched an unboxing video at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of unboxing!

What is an unboxing video, you ask? Social media influencers and YouTubers order a product online (or get it sent to them by a savvy brand). When it arrives in their mailbox, they make a video of them opening the package.

Product packaging design companies know exactly how to capitalize on this popular content trend. They create packaging that offers an exciting opening experience–something that is as coveted, perhaps even more so, than the product inside.

A design agency will also make sure your packaging is shareable. They’ll include your social media channels in the design, create enticing hashtag campaigns, add on QR codes, and offer exclusive promotion codes.

Take Advantage of Experience

From selecting the most eco-friendly materials to taking advantage of color psychology, a packaging design agency knows how to improve your product packaging. Work with them to redesign existing packaging or launch a new product, and you’ll be sure to make sales. Don’t let your competitors beat you out of the market because of inadequate packaging. Are you keen to learn more about advertising and marketing for your small business? Read the other articles on our blog.

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