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5 Short Haircuts That Are Surprisingly Easy to Style

5 Short Haircuts That Are Surprisingly Easy to Style

Long hair

We don’t think about it, but what is easier to design than long hair. If you are a blow-drying fan, obviously you will spend some time processing your hair. But if you are a relaxed person, there are many techniques to help you avoid getting into trouble. From low ponytail or high ponytail to dancer’s bun, it can be done in 5 minutes, half bun, or even long braid…There are a thousand and one ways to arrange long hair without spending a lot of time styling!

Messy hairstyle shortcut

As the name suggests, this tailoring is messy! More or less short, it allows the hair strands to be managed in a completely random manner. To create a messy effect, please use your fingers to comb your hair, style it according to your own preferences, increase the bulkiness, and choose to use a veil for decoration. This is perfect for those who are often woken up…

Side bangs

Compared with straight bangs, which must be impeccable, it is simpler to manage, and the tapered part formed only on one side of the forehead can be a good choice to avoid spending hours in front of the mirror. We can wear it on short, medium or long hair as needed.Then, because the same style is always used, the wick is easily put back in place. During the course of the day, this edge will not move, nor does it require any modification.Now you know how to create a style through tailoring without the hassle and little (if any) maintenance!

Childish tailoring

Boyish short cuts are still very feminine and easy to take care of. We wash them quickly, they dry quickly, and we don’t need to style them because the hair is short. In fact, it is tailoring that makes our lives the easiest. On the other hand, you must cut your hair regularly to maintain a fashionable look and avoid the appearance of a scarecrow.

Blurred square

If there is one edit that is not complicated, it is the fuzzy Bob. Everyone who wears it knows that we have almost perfect haircuts when we wake up in the morning! Some touch-ups are enough to make you look like a fashionable beauty and a working hairstyle secret? The wave effect on the fuzzy square provides a slightly crazy effect for the hairstyle, and does not require brushing or precise styling. It is recommended that you take good care of your hair when you wash your hair to have shiny hair!

Pokemon with soft outline and side separation

If the hair is not cut to the entire ear, but leaves longer nuances in the upper half, the result is a particularly feminine styling variant. First comb the hairstyle into side parts, and then comb the hair side to the side, so that the face is lightly outlined. Tip: For events, use shiny hairpins to pin your hair to one side.

Exciting trend: Flat-headed elf with bangs

The core feature is the current modern “blunt bangs”-a pony cut using blunt cutting technology, whose contours are precisely parallel to the bangs. Then the eye area seems to be drawn with a ruler. Of course, a one-millimeter short miniature pony is very suitable for collocation with rough elves.

Tip: Regularly use conditioner, serum or oil to moisturize your hair and scalp. For further details click here on this highlighted link.

You can also find many hairstyle trends and variations of elves. Using the elf cut, the top hair is trimmed to a certain length, while the lower hair is cut short to make the look reminiscent of Bob’s hairstyle. Tip: To create a particularly casual and boyish look, dry your hair as usual after shampooing, and then stroke the hair down to your face with your hands, but avoid using styling textures.

Hair Trend: Mullet

For those who don’t want to work on being slender or slender or those who simply can’t get the legendary look of the 80s, designers such as Max Mara recommend using mullet-style elf tailoring. To do this, cut the bangs and top hair short, but make the hair on the nape and above and in front of the ears significantly longer—just like you cut yourself. Tip: Rub some styling mousse or wax into your hair to create a stylish look in a rebellious and messy way.

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