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Which Hair Suits Your Face?

First of all, it is useful to know which face shape you have exactly. There are a number of them that are quite similar. You need a tape measure, a mirror and a pen and paper for this. If you do not have this at hand, you can also gamble it. Pull your hair back tight so it doesn’t bother you, and then measure these four things while you are searching for some quality wigs for women

A. Your face width above. Place the tape measure on your cheekbones so it’s just above your cheeks but below your eyes.

B. Your face width below. You do this by measuring your jaws at the widest point. The ribbon should be just under your nose.

C. Your face size. Measure the length of your face from your hairline to the tip of your chin.

D. Your forehead. The ribbon is usually on half of your eyebrows and your hairline.

Diamond-shaped face

We speak of a diamond-shaped face if you have a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones. Your forehead and jawline are roughly equal in width. Your shape is a cross between a heart and an oval.

Almost all hairstyles come with such a balanced face shape. Try different styles! If your face has a pronounced “diamond shape” and you want a short haircut, preferably choose styles with volume at the nape of the neck. They bring a nice balance between your pronounced cheekbones and fine chin line. Emphasize your beautiful shapes and don’t obscure them with a lot of hair volume around your face. You can also use blonde wigs for diamond-shaped face¬†

Elongated or vertical face shape

Your face is longer than it is wide. It is about the same width at your forehead as it is just below the cheekbones. People with an elongated face can have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead. Your face then appears long and slim.

The best choice is a short to medium length hairstyle. They make your face look less long. It is best to choose styles that are shoulder length or shorter. Layered hair adds softness to the straight lines of your face. Look for expression on the side; which minimizes the geometric shape of your face. Soft, wispy bangs draw attention away from an elongated face. Volume on the sides creates a broadening effect on your face.

Avoid long styles; they make your face look longer. Too much height extends your face.

Pear-shaped face

Your face is characterized by a narrow forehead and is widest at the jaw, with a rounded chin. With this shape, it is best to create styles that give width to your forehead and temples, creating the illusion of an oval face. They will shift attention to the top part of your face. Hair should be styled close to the head and on the neck to minimize the width of the jawline. Avoid full, long styles that would emphasize the jawline.

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