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Why Are So Many Young People Leaving The UK To Live In Thailand

Why Are So Many Young People Leaving The UK To Live In Thailand?

It seems to be that more and more young people are leaving the UK to move abroad right now – and they’re not looking back. One such popular destination among these nomads is Thailand. But, what’s the fuss all about? Why are so many people leaving and what makes Thailand so attractive? Let’s take a closer look…

The UK is in turmoil

The United Kingdom has had a very turbulent few years to say the least, what with the Brexit controversy, the skyrocketing energy prices, and the fact that there are more charity food banks than there are McDonald’s outlets.

People are very unhappy in general. The cost of living is through the roof, the National Health Service is under immense pressure, and the younger generations are struggling to get on the property ladder causing them to lose all faith in their leadership.

This is arguably the primary reason why so many young people are leaving their home country in search of something better.

To quote one digital nomad: “The UK is so cold and wet and windy that it can’t afford to be so expensive. The good no longer outweighs the bad – not by a longshot.”

The rise of the digital nomad

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that many jobs can be done completely remotely. This is why so many young professionals are leaving office life for good in favour of a beach-front café with a WiFi connection.

From tech experts, travel writers, SEO specialists and online teachers, to graphic designers, software engineers, vloggers and photographers, there’s so much opportunity for people to work and earn remotely!

Thailand offers a superior quality of life

Contrary to what many people believe, Thailand has excellent infrastructure. Yes, there’s a great deal of wealth inequality – as is the case with any country – however, the Thai economy is going from strength to strength. This money is being reinvested into the country with some impressive changes to come.

Overall, the quality of life that westerners can enjoy in Thailand is spectacular – particularly in Bangkok. Here’s just some of the amazing benefits that Bangkok has to offer expats today:

  • Cheap cost of living
  • Delicious and affordable cuisine
  • Vibrant and colourful
  • World-renowned friendly locals
  • Stunning weather
  • Diverse expat community
  • Shopping opportunities
  • Diverse cityscape
  • Affordable luxuries
  • Amazing public transport
  • World-class private hospitals and dental clinics
  • Unique career opportunities
  • Cheap luxury accommodation (see the great condos for sale at EQUINOX).

The world is getting smaller

Another reason why so many people are comfortable with leaving home and travelling the world today is the fact that our close friends and family are only ever a quick video call away. Sure, talking on Facetime or Zoom isn’t quite the same as being able to give your loved ones a hug, but it definitely makes leaving home feel less lonely.

Final thoughts

There’s never been a better time to expats and world travellers than today. Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic made travel an absolute nightmare in recent years, however, as many countries are now opening back up again with fewer restrictions, things are very much back to normal!

If you’ve been getting itchy feet and don’t feel at home in the UK anymore, we wholeheartedly recommend that you give Thailand some consideration. Bangkok is calling!

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