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When a Guy Doesn't Want to Sleep with You

When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You?

One of the most important aspects to remember in this case is that not all guys are the same. Different men have different sexual urges. There are men who are only driven by sexual urges, whereas the others want your body as well as your soul. 

All the guys with pure intentions crave for the softness of your touch. They want genuine relationships. So naturally, they need time to know the nature and habitats of the girl. Before being intimate, they want to know you completely, they wish to satisfy you mentally before experiencing the taste of your body. 

There are times when things do not workout and men do not wish to sleep with you.

Given below are the reasons describing the situation when a guy does not want to sleep with you:-

  • He’s scared of commitment because of his past

There are times when men are scared of commitments. They are not ready to face it since they have been through a lot lately. Their past experiences do not allow them to start afresh. 

Unhealthy and toxic relationships make them stay away from love and relationships. They fear being the only one who would love their significant halves and make efforts. 

Because of the fact that they have been traumatized lately and are not ready to deal with all the stress all over again, they prefer not to sleep with you.

  • He does not know you well

As it has been mentioned before, it needs to be mentioned again that not all guys are the same. Not all guys will sleep with you just for satisfying their own physical needs. 

Some guys genuinely want commitments. They want long term relationships. Therefore, they would want to know you well. They would want to know the kind of person you are before maintaining a certain level of intimacy. 

Guys make an effort to develop an emotional bond with their significant half before getting laid down. Men have a tendency to get an idea about every detail of the girl before getting completely moved away by her. 

Therefore, if the connection between him and his girl matches, then only he will sleep with you, otherwise he will not. 

  • He’s not over his ex yet

There are men who do not care about anything, but lust, but there are also men for whom it is a big deal to switch from one girl to the other. Probably, they are not yet over their ex. 

This is a very tough situation for them. They let their heart control their emotions and that is exactly the most dangerous part. They do not wish to be intimate with anyone if they are not over their ex. They are destroyed from inside. 

At times, they even do not feel like socializing. Naturally, they are emotionally unavailable at that time and do not wish to invest their emotions and energy in anyone else. This is one of the most prominent reasons for a guy not sleeping with you.

  • Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stressful situations kill a person from inside. He will not feel the urge to have sex with you if he is not mentally stable. If he does not possess good mental health, there are high chances that he will refuse to be intimate with you. 

Stressful situations lead to mental exhaustion and mental exhaustion is even more impactful than physical exhaustion. If the guy is mentally not prepared to be intimate with you, he will not sleep with you. He will not feel the urge to do anything. 

His hormones will also not excite him. He will suffer from lack of energy and therefore, he will end up being all by himself and not sleeping with you 


There are several other reasons for a guy not sleeping with you. Probably he had a very unpleasant experience in the past, or he has not been able to get over his ex-girlfriend.  At times, a guy does not wish to sleep with you because he finds you desperate and uninteresting. But honestly, all of it varies from one person to the other. 

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