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Finger Tattoos

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

Art and design speak where words become powerless to explain’ tattoo and tattooing get its profound merit from here.

Though you are pretty apprised of the term “tattoo” and its various types…still a brief outline has been put down for you to get a quick recapitulation.

What is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is either an interim or perpetual dig of design on your skin with needles and injecting inks.

Ideally, a suitable body part is taken into consideration before settling for a tattoo job.

Enumerating those parts would be the heart area, the forearm, ankle, wrist, lower back, neck, chest, hands, shoulders, and concise yet a noteworthy place…fingers.

Sketch of finger Tattoos

From a simple image to an intricate piece art tattooed on the wearer’s finger/fingers….they tend to illustrate either the person’s passion, profession, beliefs, interests, integrity and elegance.

Finger tattoos are rather an insinuating way of expressing yourself publicly.

In this day and age, Celebrities are setting a trend for their fans espousing various finger tattoos.

Abiding by your copious style, fashion, ideas and interests…finger tattoos come with versatility.

They can be,

  • Floral finger tattoos
  • Heart finger tattoos
  • Doublet finger tattoos
  • Newly-wed finger tattoos
  • Geometric finger tattoos
  • Animal finger tattoos
  • Letter finger tattoos.

Evolving days bring diversification to the market. Kindly, consult your tattooist for more range of tattoos.

Now, the successive question jumps up…

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last

What’s the durability of flaunting our finger tattoos?

Stunningly, multifaceted finger tattoos can be positioned unfurled for everyone to have a glimpse of it or inscribed in a place between fingers.

But my dear fellows!!!!…you may be a little downhearted when I tell you that the shelf-life of finger tattooing is of subordinate nature.

Let’s take an intimate look at some of the elements accountable for the durability of finger tattooing.

  • Active participation of our fingers in handling activities 

Since our hands and fingers are utilized more often in almost every work, abrasion and peeling of the skin are natural.

Washing, mopping, cleaning, bathing using toxic chemicals (soaps, detergents, shampoos, moisturizers) and over washing sometimes also lead to wear and tear of the skin on fingers. Subsequently, the ink starts shedding off.

  • Size of the tattoo

A minimalistic design occupying the finger of a wearer is a good choice if you desire for a tattoo that will not blur out quickly.

Small tattoos stay sharp for a long time, the ink doesn’t bleed together unlike the enormous patterns. 

  • Design of tattoos

Preferably, a simple tattoo with generous spacing, clean lines should be chosen to settle with.

Complex and elaborative tattoos aren’t ideal for this tiny space and end up losing its charismatic significance a lot faster.

  • The shade of tattoos

Popping colours, enticing hues!!!…who doesn’t like to draw attention to.

But wait!!…have you forgotten that ‘Black remains the master’…yeah, black rules out every other tinge and has long durability.

  • Quality of ink used for tattoos

Good standard of ink used has greater sustainability over the mediocre ink.

One more thing, bold line ink markings are best than those of fine line works on your skin.

  • The expertise of the tattooist

A professional tattooist who values his/her customers and self-reputation will be able to advise you what works/doesn’t work. Beware of those profit-making fellows in the market.

Few general tips to keep your tattoos long-lived

Due to the active involvement of our gentle fingers, it’s quite arduous to keep our fingers dust-free and water-free. However, if you take an ample of after-care with the simple tips listed below, your sophisticated tattoo design may not get blurred soon.

  • Be kind to your skin, pamper it with good hydration and moisturization.
  • Keep the tattoo out of direct sun exposure.
  • Please avoid scratching of fingers too often.
  • Avoid scented hand-washing liquids. Switch to organic ones.
  • Follow your touch up routine.


Nothing lasts forever…

Forever is a lie.

An exquisite tattooist surely knows it.

So, if you gear up and want to place a tattoo on your mini finger/fingers, don’t let yourself reside in whimsical fantasies. Although dapper in appearance, yet finger tattoos are short-lived compared to designs in other parts of the body. Needless to say, but if you are committed to regular touch up, can afford time and money for maintenance, then probably your finger pattern can be indelible.

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