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Cupping therapy

What Is Cupping Therapy And Why Do Star Athletes Swear By It?

Athletes of all ages want to get a leg up on the competition by improving their training and recovery process. By training harder and recovering quicker, high-level athletes can reduce the need for days off and easy training sessions that don’t propel them forward in their sport.

Some recovery methods utilized by star athletes can be seen as controversial by the general public or the medical field. Let’s take a look at one of the most talked-about recovery procedures and why it truly is a beneficial step in getting to the next level as an athlete.

What is cupping?

Cupping therapy is the process of using strong suction on an athlete’s body to increase blood flow, increase the blood flow to the specific spot, and relieve muscle pain. Using ‘cups’, which look like upside-down bowls when placed on the athlete’s skin, the heated cup increases the blood flow inside the treated area.

There are two different kinds of cupping therapies that star athletes use: heating and mechanical.

Even so, both methods aim to produce synonymous benefits for the user. In both methods, the therapist uses an air pump or a heat pump to create suction between the skin and the heated cup. The harsh suction between the cup and the skin creates noticeable and dark red circles after cupping therapy. Contact Source Fitness if you think cupping therapy is what you need for your body.

The Best Cupping Set For Me

  • Rockpods Cupping Set – surely you have heard of RockTape (the recovery tape you see numerous Crossfitters wear during training and competition)? If not, you should know this company also makes cupping sets for star athletes. Made with 100% food-grade silicone and containing two levels of suction, this cupping set can be used with other RockTape products.
  • Premium quality cupping set with 19 cups – This set comes with five different sizes to make sure you can pinpoint any sore or painful areas.
  • Kangzhu 24-cup biomagnetic Chinese cupping therapy set – This cupping set is durable, simplistic, intuitive, and comes in seven different sizes, so you can easily do a home session with ease.

Does cupping really help star athletes?

Cupping seems to be a controversial therapy that has mixed results. Instead of other proven methods, like icing to reduce swelling from an injury or surgery, cupping has both proponents and nay-sayers in the sports and medical world. Those in favor of cupping claim the process helps reduce muscle fatigue, lessen muscle pain, relax the body, and reduce inflammation.

However, the science behind these facts may not be 100% bulletproof. Numerous studies show the validity of cupping has not been proven, with some doctors even going so far as to say the therapy is potentially dangerous to the athlete.


Whether you are a proponent or naysayer of cupping, you may want to try this unique therapy to increase your recovery and reduce localized pain to increase your sports performance. When looking to purchase a cupping set online, you can browse various online options like Rockpods, premium quality 19-piece sets, or many others to find the right one to suit your needs.

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