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3 Tips on Marketing Homes for Sale with Social Media

Are you putting your home on sale?

Like most sellers of existing homes, you want the property to find a buyer as soon as possible. You also want to sell it at its asking price.

It’s possible to achieve both goals, but in a typical market, you have to work hard to achieve them. Finding a buyer quickly is particularly challenging, especially if the property is in a market where supply outstrips demand.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help your house sell quickly, including marketing it on social media. In this article, we’re sharing tips for marketing homes on social media the right way.

Read on!

Ensure the Home Is Ready for Social Media Marketing

Even before you think of the actual social media marketing, you have to ensure the property is ready for social media.

Think of it this way. Assume you’re posting an image of yourself on social media. Do you just take the snap and post it? Of course, you can do that, but the unspoken rules of social media dictate that you “glam up.”

Since social media marketing largely relies on visual content, you want to ensure that the house is ready for photographing. Clean it up as necessary and ensure the curb appeal is just right.

If the house needs repairs, you might want to make them, unless you’re planning to sell it as-is.

Once the house is ready, take high-quality photographs that capture the home’s key details. You need to take high-quality videos as well since the modern buyer wants to take a virtual tour of the home before making a decision to visit it physically.

Choose the Right Sites for Social Media Marketing

There are over 50 social media sites, but this doesn’t mean you should plan on marketing on all of them. It’s more effective to choose one or two sites that are suitable for the campaign.

So, which site should you choose?

The usual suspects spring to mind, and for good reason. Facebook, for instance, has millions of daily active users in the U.S. alone. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok also boast similar credentials.

However, for marketing homes on social media, Facebook and Instagram stand out. They offer the tools you need to market your home without much hassle.

Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing

When marketing on social media, you have the option to choose organic or paid marketing. Organic means you won’t spend any money directly on social media ads. Paid means you’ll run paid ads.

Which option should you choose? It all depends on your individual circumstances.

Running paid ads will earn you quick results, but it will add to your costs of selling the home. On that note, check out this article about home selling costs.

Organic marketing might yield slower results but if you’re on a tight budget, social media is still a free way to expose your home to potential buyers.

Marketing Homes on Social Media Made Easy

Marketing homes is crucial when you want to find buyers quickly. Social media gives you the power to open the home’s doors to millions of people, including potential buyers. Use this guide to market on social media the right way. Was this article helpful? Stay tuned to our blog for more!

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