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Woman Shows Cleavage

What Does it Mean When a Woman Shows Cleavage?

Women in Society have always been misunderstood. They have been misunderstood for their dressing, their way of talking etc. Most women have also been misunderstood for showing cleavage. 

Women, in general, have always been sensualists and have been looked down upon by society for the way they want to dress. 

Never thought what does it mean when a woman shows cleavage? They have always been taught to dress in a particular way that would result in not attracting men’s attention. For ages, women have been judged as being sober and slut based on their way of dressing.

Cleavage is a small gap that is between human breasts. Many people consider that to be a sign of seeking attention & slut Shaming the woman, whereas it is much more than that. 

Cleavages are a part of a woman’s attire. Many women consider that to be a way of gaining confidence, while for some it’s just a matter of Body part. We judge women without even thinking about what it means when a woman shows cleavage. 

What does it actually mean when a woman shows cleavage?

To Feel confident

Many women feel cleavage as a part of the dressing that makes them feel a lot more confident and thus they like to carry outfits that make cleavage more prominent.

To flirt

Women feel men respond much more to their vibes of being interested when taking this approach. Men in general are dumb to get the idea of the other being interested. So women feel showing cleavage might just act as a hint.

Demand Of Dress

Sometimes women like a dress but it has a deep neck resulting in an unwanted, yet cleavage showcase. While many women are not comfortable enough for that. For many, cleavage just adds a bit more confidence and increases likability towards a dress.

Physical appearance

For many women, cleavage is a part of physical appearance. Many women who are healthy have the problem of heavy cleavage resulting in excessive cleavage show off, which is uncontrollable for many.

Accept it or not, many men might deny it but they like it when women show cleavage.  They tend to slut-shame women showing cleavage, yet tend to get attracted to women who show cleavage. These are reasons or things why a woman shows cleavage or what does it mean when a woman shows cleavage. 

Is showing cleavage good?

While many might see that cleavage showing as a sign of negativity and judge women based on it, but showing cleavage is a woman’s will. If a woman feels comfortable showing cleavage she has the liberty to wear what she wants and how to wear it. Whatever a woman feels comfortable and confident in, she is free to wear. 

Judging a woman based on their way of clothing is not fair. It’s just a  choice of what they want to wear and how they want to style the dress. We cannot decide what is good and what is bad. It just depends upon the woman what they want to carry. So we should not decide on a woman’s way of thinking and way of dressing. Society has changed so has their way of thinking towards dressing a woman. It’s time everyone accepts women as humans moreover sensual objects.

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