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reasons why do men kiss aggressively

Why do Guys like to kiss Aggressively?

Kissing is a gesture of showing love and affection towards your loved ones, especially your partner. However, it is noticed a lot of times that guys kiss aggressively. But Why do Guys like to kiss Aggressively? 

The reasons vary from person to person, but here are some of the common reasons due to which many males kiss their partners aggressively.

1.They may be amateur

Some guys may be in their first relationship who haven’t yet figured out the right way to kiss a woman. They may think that aggressively kissing a woman is the right way and this idea might have developed through watching aggressive kissing scenes in movies and different social media platforms. It is one of the reasons why do guys kiss aggressively

2.They may be upset with you

Often, it is seen that many guys tend to show that they are offended by you by kissing you aggressively. He might do it to ease his anger because he may not be comfortable in sharing his feelings directly with you, or may not be able to scold you or argue with you. 

In case you notice the sudden change in his kiss then you better talk to him about it. Kissing in an aggressive manner helps him to get rid of his anger towards you. 

3. Out of Passion 

When you’re into a pretty serious relationship and you notice that your boyfriend started kissing you aggressively and for a longer period of time and more often too, it may not be because he’s upset, for some guys it is their way of showing that they’re totally into you and quite passionate about you. 

Generally, your partner’s feelings are strong in this case and he loves you. Some women enjoy aggressive passionate kisses, but if you’re anyhow uncomfortable with it, you can talk to him about it clearly, but if you enjoy it, it’s good for both of you. 

4. He may be in urgent need of physical satisfaction from you

It is also a common tendency among guys to kiss you aggressively before having sex, maybe because he hasn’t been satisfied sexually for a long period of time or maybe because he was waiting to share this moment with you for a long time. 

If you guys don’t meet very often or are meeting after a very long gap of time, you may notice your partner kissing you aggressively. This is also a reason Why do Guys like to kiss Aggressively?

5. He may not be interested in you

If you have noticed him kissing you aggressively in the middle of any conversation it is clear that he is not paying attention to the conversation. He is in a state where he is not interested and also doesn’t know how to break it to you, maybe because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings directly, instead, he’s dropping indirect hints. It is one of the main reasons why do guys kiss aggressively.

6. He misinterpreted your preference

At times we are unable to understand the other person’s mood or emotional status, but sometimes we make the right move at the wrong time. Many guys are influenced by films and always tend to notice what happened but don’t exactly see in which situation and to whom it happened. 

Many guys think kissing aggressively is one of the best ways to get your partner into the mood. Yeah maybe sometimes it works but not always. Sometimes when the woman enjoys it, then the man may want to kiss you aggressively all the time. 

7. He may want to get rid of you

Apart from being not interested or being an amateur, some guys tend to kiss you aggressively during romantic moments and also not very often. It is a way of showing that he just wants to get rid of you. Men are not good at expressing themselves clearly, so this is how they want to express it. 

These are some of the reasons why do men kiss aggressively. Preference for kisses may vary from person to person. Some women may enjoy it and some women may not. But if you’re wondering why your boyfriend kisses you aggressively it may be due to one of these reasons. 

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