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Using a Challenge Coin Maker

Using a Challenge Coin Maker? Here Are 5 Key Design Tips

So, you’ve decided you wanted to get a challenge coin. Now the hard work comes in.

You need to think long and hard about exactly how you want your challenge coin to look. Otherwise, you’ll end up having thrown money down the drain for something you don’t even treasure. 

That said, designing without a guide can feel overwhelming with the limitless possibilities. In that case, what options do you have?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to take a look at the 5 key design tips to keep in mind when using a challenge coin maker! 

But enough preamble, right! Let’s get to the good stuff!

1. Know Your Goal

The first design tip you’ll want to keep in mind is remembering what exactly you want the challenge coin for.  For example, is it a piece of cool memorabilia for you to show off to your friends? Do you want it to use as a badge of honor within a certain group you belong to, be it the military (as it’s used traditionally) or something else?  

Whatever the reason, find that story you want your coin to convey and keep it in the back of your head during the design process. This will help ensure that your end product stays true to a singular goal and doesn’t feel like a mess of different concepts.

2. A Challenge Coin Maker Benefits With Detail

It’s vital to convey your challenge coin idea with as much detail as possible to the designer, as this helps them stay true to your vision. Try to give them a detailed picture of what you want on the coin, rather than a rough sketch or a description. 

Don’t forget about the back of the coin either! You can implement designs onto the back of your coin to make it a visual treat no matter the angle.

3. Consider Color

Something else to keep in mind when designing a challenge coin is the use of color. Think about how the colors will look against the type of metal you want the coin cast from. For example, darker colors work better with brighter metals like gold because they contrast one another and help keep the coin from feeling too in-your-face.

4. Short and Sweet

Make sure to keep any writing on your coin short and sweet. There’s often less room on those coins than you think, and too many words will result in the design feeling cluttered and off-putting. Try to distill the idea of your coin into a few words or a single phrase if possible to avoid this. 

5. Double-Check Their Work

Finally, always make sure to get a proof of your challenge coin before you sign off on completion. These proofs serve as trial runs to make sure you like the design, and many companies offer any revisions for free.

Treasured Memorabilia

And that’s all there is to it! Now that you have our design tips for creating a challenge coin with a challenge coin maker, you’re ready to get out there and get the coin of your dreams! And if you’re looking for more information on traditions and memorabilia you can add to your life today, make sure to check out the rest of the articles on our blog!

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