Tuesday , November 28 2023
Stylish Wall Decor

How to Find the Most Stylish Wall Decor Guide to Functional Interior Design

I have heard my grandma telling, “Your living place should be such that it tells the tale of who you are, and be a treasure of what you love the most.”

Gingerly, her words were proven to be right and if you ask me personally. I feel ecstatic and love the aesthetic ambience created by wall knick-knacks…..just wowww!!!

Just as a fashion designer fabricates a compelling collection of clothes/accessories with their tactful patterns, similarly, an interior designer can embellish your wall with all that stylish icing and make your living place an inviting destination. 

I mean, who doesn’t like to witness something ethereal over and over!!!

The hunt and application of desirable designs become fruitful when you witness a whole new transformation of your place.

Anyway, in this piece of writing, I intend to shorten your journey to the most stylish wall decorby enumerating some useful tips and guidance.

Keep reading my dear readers.

●Prioritize your preferences

Everyone has their own taste, even you have. Always welcome those pieces of extra advice but eventually it’s your own home and you!

●Pick up a piece of wall art by size

What!!! If you try to accommodate all your favourite belongings in one single room?? Clumsy, cluttered, and congested!

Wall decor can be perceived in the same way.

Hence, it’s better if you focus on the occupancy of the wall (mini, small, medium, large or oversized) in respect to the upholstery.

●And the flair?

Don’t let the wall art go off-style.

Try and choose a decor set that matches the style of your furniture or collection of other articles.

●Complementary colour fixing

The piece of artwork you choose should blend well with the wall colour. Avoid bright and arrogant colours. In case of confusion, you should stick to black and white hues.

●Lastly, the theme

A substantial wall theme can literally attract eyes! It also cogitates the house owner’s personality. Say if you are a nature enthusiast, you can choose a nature-based theme.

Now comes some of the elegant and presentable ideas that impart a stunning look to your bare walls.

Installation of shelves:

If you couldn’t fulfil your dream of setting up a bookshelf on the floor of the room, then why not a shelf on the wall??

There’s always the other door open for you.

Flash of fabric:

Ideal for the guest room or living room…a tapestry or wall hanging with varied colours and patterns to neutralize your space.

They are even portable.

Sconces embedded in sconces:

An eye-catching sculptural design with luminous and dapper style is worth choosing.

Come out of your darkness, punch it back with the light it creates.

Model of geometry:

To give a new touch to the bare, bland wall ….most of the people show interest for geometric patterns such as hexagonal, triangular or square shelves.

Step up higher with a wooden ladder:

It can be opted for to highlight any corner of our living space.

Ideal for balcony and mini-space reservation.

Wall panels:

Decorative wall panels give the space a tasteful and sophisticated filling.

The best pattern is the Veneer and other wall panels include 3D effects, floral patterns and innovative lightning.

Wallplates burster:

A cluster of plates for a great burster to the empty wall!!!…amazing!

Options available are hand-painted ceramic plates, Kalamkari, Baroque, Persian or Moroccan themed plates.

La La Decals:

It’s a discerning way to add texture and depth to any wall…all those brick, stone, wood etc designed decals.

They are arranging and easy to maintain.

Murals magic:

A perfect piece of art that brings out the homeowner’s personality and design delicacy.

From floral to botanical prints or visual depicting art, culture and landscapes, the right way to enhance the visual appeal of a room.

Hanging mirrors:

Do you know the unique property of a mirror?…reflection.

Mirrors reflect light, helping a place to look like a palace, bigger than before actually.

Clusters of mirrors with hand-crafted frames or wooden and antique frames upsurge the glam quotient of any wall.


‘The secret to great decor is capturing the essence of the client and loading it to transform a place.’

Wall decor …a subset of interior decoration enhances the touch and feel of a room.

Wall decor is a perfect amalgamation of colour, life, texture, patterns and energy that gives a whole new definition to a bare space.

Walls transform into stylish centrepieces.

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