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Travel Trips For the Summer

Travel Trips For the Summer

The summer officially began on June 21st, and the world has plenty of beautiful spots to visit. This article will provide you with some tips before making the trip and hopefully help you out!

If you are a sports fan, your trip may be funded by NBA Picks from a successful playoff run. Whether it’s because of gambling, setting away money each month, or any other reason you have the money to afford to go on a trip, one thing is for sure; you may need some travel tips. We’ve compiled a list of the best advice you can get before your big Summer vacation. 

Be Sure to Budget For Your Trip!

Unless you want to go on a spending spree because you hit so many NBA picks and parlays in the playoffs, there are plenty of options to find a better price for your trip, the most significant expense for most destinations is your flight. 

One of my favorite websites is Google Flights, and if you can be flexible with your days and destination, you can save a few extra dollars. 

Another great resource is SkyScanner which compares and scans prices from all major airlines. 

The next biggest expense that follows is hotels or housing. I haven’t used a hotel in years because Airbnb provides a great service. If you can split the Airbnb with a couple of friends, it will definitely be cheaper than a quality hotel. 

In addition, transportation can be costly. It truly depends on your location, but you can find alternative options with trains, buses, etc. 

I would also recommend budgeting a little higher than you expect the costs to be because things will happen that you don’t plan for. A trip is bound to bring a surprise and higher expenses! Your friend wants to go to the high-class restaurant to die for! 

Another recommendation for travel is to use travel insurance when you book because you never know what could happen to your travel plans! It may add to your expenses, but this can truly save you from behind just in case something pops up. 

Rewards! Rewards! Rewards!

Like you can earn rewards on gambling sites for making NBA picks today, be sure to also take advantage of your travel rewards for your credit card, and you can earn enough points to potentially get your travel for free. When you use a credit card for shopping online, eating out, buying groceries, and other expenses, you can earn valuable points for your next flight, hotel, and much more!

There are definitely a lot of options for credit cards to get rewards out there, so be sure to keep in mind your travel goals and pick one that matches them. Pick a credit card matching your intentions for travel and compare promotions and bonuses offered by multiple cards. 

It is essential that a credit card should be a bonus (not something that is a burden). It should not carry a balance and should be paid off every month because the interest would outweigh the amount of free travel you receive. 

Do Your Research

This seems like an obvious point, but it’s so important. This can apply to multiple parts of your future vacation. One of the biggest things to research is the weather of your vacation spot.

Is it always rainy? Is it extremely humid? Those are some of the questions you can ask yourself before you leave. Be sure to check the weather app before you leave and pack appropriately. 

The next part of the research is to check what your destination has to offer. I use TripAdvisor to get some inspiration regarding what to expect for my trip. I also love watching YouTube videos because they usually provide great information regarding food, dining, tourist activities, and much more.

In conclusion, if you are taking a trip this summer or this year, be sure to do your research and budget for your trip. Additionally, if you are looking to save some cash to fund your dream trip, look into credit card points to earn easy points!

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