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Benefits of Using Hair Towels

3 Benefits of Using Hair Towels And Usage Guide So You Can Treat Your Hair Right!

Let’s get it straight: drying your long hair clean is a real struggle. No matter how many shampoos you use and how often you deep condition, there are always strands floating around that just won’t stick. Plus, the time it takes to air-dry is not feasible every time we wash our hair. This is where hair turban towels (turbie towels) come in handy!

In addition to providing an economical (both time and cost-wise) method of drying hair, hair drying towels have other benefits as well. It’s especially convenient if you have curly hair. But you should also know the right way to make the hair towel wrap. And this is what we explore in this article so that before you get your turbie, you know how to make the most of them.  

What Are Hair Towels?

Hair towels are essentially absorbent cloth that you can use to dry your hair. These can be found in a variety of materials, including cotton, bamboo, and microfiber. The main difference between brands and types is in the size and shape of the towel. With the hair towel wrap, it’s easier to absorb excess water from the strands, leaving your hair dry, and frizz-free.

Why Do You Need A Separate Towel For Your Hair?

You cannot adopt a ‘one size fits all’ mentality with towels. This means that using your bath towel for your hair is a strict no-no. Bath towels are highly absorbent, leeching out all moisture immediately. While that works for your body, your hair is far more delicate and requires a more consistent pattern of drying. Hair losing moisture too quickly is among the leading causes of frizziness. But when you use a hair turbie towel, you are essentially guaranteeing two things – a more consistent drying of your hair, and better hygiene.

How to Use a Hair Turban Towel?

The key to using a hair towel is to make sure that the towel is completely dry when you use it. Otherwise, you’ll just be pushing your towel around in your hair and not getting any real results. So, to use a hair towel, simply wrap it around your hair once completely dry, then tuck it into your bun.

To take it off, find the twisted part of the hair turban right before it goes into the bun or elastic band and pull it gently out to release your hair.

Benefits of Using A Turbie Towel

Below are the three main benefits of hair drying towels or turbie in detail:

1.     Cuts The Hair Drying Time By Half

It may seem like a stretch, but hair towels really can cut down your drying time by half! If you’re someone who struggles to get your hair dried quickly, then this is a huge benefit. Because once your hair is completely dry, it will feel smooth, sleek, and soft.

As the turbie does it work on its own (on your head), you are free to do chores or just chill. Really economical!

2.     Reduces Frizz & Breakage

Another major benefit of using a hair towel is how it can help reduce frizz and breakage. Since hair towels are designed to draw out excess water from the strands, this can also help to prevent flyaways, breakage, and frizz. 

It’s noteworthy here that you may not get this result from a cotton hair towel but only from a microfiber hair towel. They are made of polyester and weaved in a particular way so as not to leave any lint and cause hair pull.

3.     Keeps The Curls Intact

Finally, hair towels’ ability to dry your hair without causing shrinkage makes them an excellent choice for those who have curly hair. Shrinking your hair can cause knots and tangles, and can even damage your strands over time. Using a hair towel can help to keep your strands healthy and prevent hair loss and the beauty of your curls.

Now that you know the advantages of hair towels, let’s see how to make a proper hair towel wrap.


Being fast and handy, hair towels can be a huge help for your hair when used properly. You can find a great range of hair towel online including microfiber hair towels on Spaces. Go, give your hair the care it deserves!

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