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Shipping a Car

Things to Know When Shipping a Car

Whether you are shipping an exotic or classic car to Washington or locally within your region, the car transportation process will likely come with a few requirements. This means understanding the different responsibilities that your transport service will provide while also ensuring that you do your due diligence. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when shipping your car.

Work With Reviews

A car is an investment worth thousands of dollars, which is why you need to entrust it to a credible transport company. Reviews will come in handy in helping you ascertain the authenticity of a company, with sites such as the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration providing a credible list of shipping companies. Review websites like Yelp are another common site to use, helping you get the top-rated companies.

In addition to this, word of mouth will also be ideal for recommendations, with family and friends being your go-to. Car forums also act as another source of getting trusted reviews, with clients often posting their preferred professional California to Washington auto transport companies to rely on.

State Your Scheduling Needs

Car transport companies often rely on timely scheduling, making it easy for pick-up or delivery to go as planned. With this in mind, state your preferred scheduling window, especially when you need your car delivered for a particular event such as a birthday or anniversary. Note that strict scheduling will likely cost more due to the time constraints involved.

Prepare Your Car Adequately

After identifying your preferred transport providers, next comes car preparation. For starters, ensure that your vehicle has enough fuel to be driven on and off the trailer. Any inconvenience will likely cost you more. Additionally, ensure that your vehicle’s anti-freeze level is adequately adjusted to allow it to acclimate to the region it is being shipped to. This will eliminate issues such as cracked engine blocks or other technical problems that may take time to fix.

Lastly, remove items in your vehicle that could cause damage during shipping. This could be electronics or personal accessories stashed away in your vehicle compartments. Since these items are typically exempt from the insurance policy, the damage will not be covered, increasing your out-of-pocket expenses.

List Down the Anomalies of Your Vehicle

Numerous vehicles will have unique traits, specifically modified brands. If you operate such a car and need to ship it across the country, ensure that your transport service understands these attributes. These could be cut-off switches, kill switches, brakes, and alarms. This eases the learning process for your driver, improving your car’s safety during delivery.

Look Beyond the Price Offered

Price alone should not be the determining factor when utilizing an auto transport service. Make it a point to look at factors like the level of service provided, the equipment in use, and the experience. Companies utilizing state-of-the-art equipment will often provide premium services, eliminating any damage to your vehicle.

Good experience, on the other hand, will come in numerous ways, with new companies often proving credible due to high deliveries, as older companies have more years of operation to show for their work. With these factors in mind, it is likely that pricing will often not be on the lower end but will likely come with an affordable quote that matches the quality of service offered.    

Be On the Lookout for Insurance Policies

Car transport services should have the necessary insurance coverage, allowing you to recover or repair your vehicle when unforeseen emergencies occur. Ensure that your preferred company provides a certificate of insurance, which includes liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

If you need auto transport to ship your vehicle anywhere in the country, consider the above factors before making a final decision. Ensure you look up reviews of your preferred company and the insurance services offered. Additionally, make it a point to keep your transport experts informed of your scheduled needs and any oddities in your vehicle for safe shipping.

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