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How to Keep Your Whole House Clean

Say No to a Dirty Home: How to Keep Your Whole House Clean

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning checklist? It’s a good idea to give your home a good clean at least once a year.

A good scrub from top to bottom will help your home feel nice and fresh and easier to maintain week to week. 

Keep reading to learn how to tackle your dirty home and make it sparkling clean. 

Clear the Clutter

Before you get started with your deep clean, you have to take some time and clear out the clutter in your messy home. Pick up any items that are laying on the floor, on top of the table or countertops, and thrown on furniture.

This is a great time to purge items that you don’t need or throw out anything that is broken or worn out. 

Choose Where to Start

Next, determine which room you plan on starting with. You might want to start with the rooms that are used the most often, such as the kitchen or living room, since they’re likely the dirtiest.

This will help you get the toughest jobs out of the way first and give you the encouragement to move on to the rest of the house

Gather Supplies

To set yourself up for success, you should make sure you have everything you need before you start cleaning. You don’t want to lose momentum if you’ve run out of something you need in the middle of the job. 

Make sure you have plenty of cleaning detergent, dust rags, and garbage bags to help you get started. 

The Bathrooms

One of the best places to start for home hygiene is in the bathrooms. Start by spraying the bathtub with cleaner so the soap scum will have a chance to breakdown, making it easier to scrub. Then do the same thing for the sink and toilet. 

Working from the top down, gently wipe the light fixtures free of dust, clean the mirrors, and if you have a window, remove grime from the sill and window treatments. 

You should also check out these benefits of a clean septic tank system that can have a direct effect on your bathroom. 

Common Living Areas

In the common areas, such as the living room, you should remove all the cushions from the couch and chairs and vacuum them well. Make sure to move the furniture so you can vacuum the floor underneath.

This is also a great time to shampoo the carpets or mop the hardwood floors. 

Next, wipe down the light fixtures, ceiling fans, baseboards, and window sills with warm water and white vinegar mixture. Also, dust your bookshelves and electronics in the room. 

Learn More About How to Clean Your Dirty Home

These are some of the best ways to start cleaning your dirty home.

Start by decluttering each room of anything that isn’t needed anymore and put away items that don’t belong in the room. Next, decide which room you want to start in and make sure you have all the necessary supplies ready to go. 

The bathrooms and common living spaces can be some of the hardest rooms to clean, so you might want to consider starting there.  If you would like more home cleaning tips or information, be sure to visit our website daily!

 Better yet, you can contact the service of professional cleaners like Rain City Maids in case you don’t have enough time to do everything.

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