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Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix: A Sophisticated Timepiece Built For You

Ever since it bolted out the gates of the watch world in the 1970s, Maurice Lacroix has attained a level of prestige. This prestige is not merely for its ability to court the press and media. It is also due to its fine craftsmanship that took years and big loads of resources to accomplish. Maurice Lacroix is one of the luxury watches that graced the runway. The brand is very well informed regarding the current styles and the popular culture. However, not only celebrities wear the brand. Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, and people in influential professions wear the brand. If these people can attest to its exquisite design and craftsmanship, then there is probably something there.

A Luxury Watch That Moved Up The Ranks By Introducing Its Skeleton Design

The skeleton design is iconic in the world of timepieces. The openwork dial detail gives you the inner working of the watch. You can also see the structural rigidity, which makes this brand a grand vision of craft and design. Other brands have the skeletal view, but openwork dial detail of Maurice Lacroix and looks like nothing else in the watch world. For almost 50 years, the luxurious watch brand has continued to polish its lines. There are many lines under the brand, and they all have a distinctive look. Getting your own Maurice Lacroix skeleton watch is an exciting investment. It is something that will surely turn heads.

A Closer Look At Maurice Lacroix Design

There are luxury watches that only fit a specific crowd. Just like music, some people are only pleased with one genre. The Maurice Lacroix crowd is exciting. Thus, this is because you have the high-end and the stylish youth who are just discovering what a luxury watch is about.

The world is saturated with social media influencers and YouTube celebrities. Each of them is promoting their brands. Watches are hot commodities because people love luxury watches. The watches of choice are usually mechanical because these are more expensive than quartz. Quartz is a watch powered by batteries. They are accurate and are low maintenance. There are luxury quartz watches, but these are few. Mechanical watches, primarily automatic ones, dominate the luxury market. By the way, automatic watches are powered by movements from our pulse or activity that cause an internal winder to tighten the mechanism responsible for powering the watches. Winded watches are those that we need to wind every morning to run for the next 24 hours. Maurice Lacroix is on the mechanical side of the watch market. It uses the ML 156 automatic movement. It is its proprietary movement.

A Timepiece That Combines Luxury And Comfort

Are you buying a new luxurious watch? You are in for an exciting adventure. Note that the first thing you will notice when you buy a Maurice Lacroix watch is its comfortable design. It also emphasizes wearability over anything else. A comfortable watch will always feel luxurious. The features or its credibility of function follows next. This is not to say that the brand ignores accuracy. This Swiss watch is founded in the Canton of Jura and headquartered in Zurich. As to top brand and with years of experience in the market, it gives its artisans generous funding while doing extensive research. The brand has enough credibility of the world’s top brands for mechanical movements. Suppose you are hunting for a Swiss luxury watch that looks good while feeling comfortable. In that case, this is the brand you are looking for that has all the bells and whistles of an excellent luxury watch.

A Kind Of Watch You Could Not Turn Down

Given an opportunity to purchase a Maurice Lacroix is something hard to turn down. Saignelégier is a municipality in the canton of Jura in Switzerland. It is a beautiful place with rolling hills. The roads are great for cycling. The enchanting place is also one of the great tourist spots in Switzerland. It is also the home of Maurice Lacroix. For years the brand has polished its details in watchmaking. In 1990, it launched the Calypso steel watch. Thus, this became a phenomenal line in its watches that made it to the runways and famous magazines. In 2016, it launched the Aikon line, which is currently its popular and best-selling brand. It still retains the tradition of the Calypso, but with its uniqueness. Aikon is perhaps its best luxury line because of its massive popularity with the press. Maurice Lacroix also caters to men and women. There are luxury brands that cater to only one gender. This is something the brand avoids. Its inclusive philosophy makes it a favorite among watch fans of any age, gender, and ethnicity. You can travel around the world, and you will always spot a Maurice Lacroix watch.

A Watch Built For People To Love

Maurice Lacroix is for diverse individuals. This generalization came because the brand prioritizes wearability, comfort, and style. It is a luxury watch that people who go to the party, hold conference meetings, or like to wear useful items. This popularity is also driven by the media, mostly run by millennials and gen-Xers. People who give priority to practicality and fashion will find a balance to this brand. So generally, it is a kind of watch that will attract people of different lifestyles. Below are its target markets.

The Everyday Stylish People

Maurice Lacroix is for people from all walks of life. These are people who work from 9 to 5 and still have time to look fabulous. This brand is an investment, but not to where it hurts your pockets. The Maurice Lacroix brand offers a wide range of watches at such diverse price points that it gives you the excitement to get one. People who have been working hard deserve the luxury and the capacity to look great at any event. Everyday stylish people also value comfort and wearability, and this is where the brand shines the most. After all, perhaps, the brand itself is a luxury brand for the masses. Accessibility is one of its strengths. Thus, something that has escaped most luxury watches a long time ago.

The Career-Driven Competitive Youth

The sector that’s the biggest fan of the Maurice Lacroix line is the career-driven young people. These are people who have just been promoted to a high-paying job. These people want to celebrate the success by getting themselves luxury items. The Maurice Lacroix line is definitely on the list for its trendy look and affordable luxury price. These are also people who post on Instagram and do YouTube videos. Their tech-savvy attitude and warmth are assets to any brand because things can go viral on social media. Influencers also loves Maurice Lacroix for its accessibility. Young people don’t give too much thought to precision or history. They want something to wear that will look good on any occasion. Something that will tell the world that they have attained a level of abundance and success.

The CEOs

You don’t become a chief executive officer of a large company without values that drive the company to the top. People in this category love things that do their intended purposes. CEO’s value time so much that their energy revolves around making decisions that save time. After all, time is the essence of success. Any failure in delivering results by the deadline is detrimental to any company. A watch like this tells people who are in charge. It commands respect because of its regal bearing. However, it is also reliable and will continue to work in any weather, season, and emergency. Wearability means being able to put it on without having to think about it. For example, getting a watch that looks good, works, and blends with any of your outerwear saves you time. This removes having to make more decisions. Therefore, if you think hard about it, you save time and effort.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about comfortable luxury watches is that you can wear them for more extended periods. With Maurice Lacroix watches, you can also wear them in all seasons. Some watches are either too heavy or too angular to be considered ‘friendly’ to your wrist. Maurice Lacroix ensures you will enjoy the feeling of wearing it all day. Another thing that stands out with this brand is its exceptional finish. If you look at the surface finish of this watch, you notice that a lot of attention is given to detail. It’s like wearing the most expensive bag or shoes. Maurice Lacroix is such a comfort to wear that you might forget you have it around your wrist. It is also attractive and luxurious enough without showing off. Meaning, when you have this watch, you can go to any event without looking tacky. You will fit in with anyone else. For an array of choices for watches from this brand, check out and you’ll surely find a timepiece that’s best-suited for you.

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