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New Digital Marketing: What to Expect In the Post Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a series of changes: new ways of relating to the consumer, new business models, new consumption behaviors and, with all that, a new digital marketing .

This whole revolution in people’s behavior and habits also includes the consumption of media and entertainment. Therefore, companies need to adopt a new approach in their performance on digital platforms, in order to keep up with this new scenario.

Better understand the bases of this new digital marketing and the actions or adjustments that your company will need to take into account with the help of this article.

From trends to consolidated scenarios: what has changed with the pandemic?

There are a number of novelties in consumer behavior that are easy to notice: the great movement around delivery and the more intense traffic on social networks.

But there are other notable changes, which will also influence the new digital marketing going forward:

Video streaming / OTT platforms

It is estimated that video streaming platforms have seen an increase of more than 113% in the number of average users since the beginning of the quarantine – and that is only in the United States.

Several streaming video platforms are looking to grow in a similar pattern during the pandemic, with time availability, full attention and available purchasing power.

How it impacts your business : thinking in terms of digital marketing, this highlights a fact that we have already addressed several times on our blog, which is the strength of video as content . When planning your content marketing, leave a generous space for videos

Social media platforms

The coronavirus has distanced people socially, but social media has brought the community even closer.

The increase in the use of social networks was substantial in this period, making them become the main means of communication and entertainment during the quarantine.

Screen time spent on social media will continue to grow as users are posting more content and engaging on the timeline in search of more information.

How it impacts your business : more than ever, your company needs to be present on the right social networks – those where your audience travels most often. But it is not the case of just reinforcing investments in media: the new digital marketing implies offering effective and relevant content. This will be strategic now – and help to bear fruit in the future.


While most people stay in their homes, e-commerce platforms take care of providing customers with the essentials.

In United Kingdom alone, e-commerce grew by 47% in Oct , in the most diverse sectors – from food to electronics and sports equipment, among others.

And how does it impact your business? Even with the relaxation of social isolation, everything indicates that we will still have a long period of time spending more time in our homes. With this, your company needs to have a high level of digital maturity , in order to be able to maintain dialogue and business with an increasingly connected audience.

New digital marketing X the new normal

Although the pandemic has intensified the consumption of digital content, none of this is new: since the beginning of the digital transformation, people have become increasingly dependent on digital platforms / channels for distraction or information.

The big difference here is that everything indicates that this is no longer a trend and has become the so-called “new normal” – part of one of the biggest questions in today’s society: What will be considered normal when everything goes back to normal?

The whole market has been looking for answers, but it is safe to say that the accelerated digital consumption will certainly be present even at the end of the quarantine.

While there is a risk related to digital media fatigue at some point, people will continue to shop or order food on e-commerce sites and connect via video calls. And your company needs to be in these environments, whether your brand is focused on B2C or B2B, with a strategy focused on the new digital marketing .

How to approach customers after COVID-19?

Many companies are already providing extraordinary content to meet increased content consumption and are focusing on creating an agile plan that not only engages or entertains people, but also empathizes and helps people to relate to the rest of the community.

Some of the trends that will be noticed in the new digital marketing :

Streaming video content will offer more free content, as many films will skip movie releases;

Virtual tours, virtual experiences, virtual learning and virtual relationships will be an integral part of the new normal;

Nutrition strategies will be increasingly well received by your audience, because if educating yourself was already the behavior of the new B2B customer , this tends to intensify in a scenario with fewer face-to-face meetings;

The use of lives and webinars for corporate events, lectures and meetings will be an excellent input for networking.

What is the way forward in this new world?

The increased consumption of digital media, whether OTT platforms, games, news or social media channels, is becoming the new norm as social distance continues to be maintained – either imposed or voluntarily – around the world.

Everything indicates that things must remain increasingly digital until we see the emergence of an effective vaccine.

With that in mind, your company should step up efforts to make its operations increasingly digital – seeking not only to serve its current audience, but in order to reach a wider and more global audience.

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