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Managed Funds

Managed Funds: A Detailed Overview

When it comes to investing our hard-earned cash, we naturally look for secure investments and diversify our wealth and managed funds are a firm favourite for the canny private investor, and for good reason. The fund managers would be a very experienced professionals with a great track record (that’s what really matters) and different funds have different investment goals.

Define your Investment Goals

You might, for example, be looking for a high-yield income, or you want your investment to grow over time, there are funds that are designed for specific investment objectives. For the Australian investor, Lincoln Indicators are the people to contact, as they have an impressive array of great investment opportunities.

Here are a few examples of stable funds;

  • Income Fund – If you are investing for an income, this is the type of fund to invest in, where your money is invested in top-performing ASX companies, market leaders with a great track record and steady growth. There is a minimum investment amount, which might be $5,000 – $20,000 and the fund manager would have a thorough Q&A on their website, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of how managed funds work.
  • Growth Fund – The fund manager would select from an elite group of ASX companies that have a very stable past, with steady and sustained growth, perfect for long-term growth. If you would like to learn more about managed funds, search with Google for a leading Australian fund manager, who has all the investment solutions. Here are a few tips on how to manage finance in 2021.
  • US Growth Fund – While there are great investment opportunities in the ASK, fund managers like to invest in other major stock markets, such as the US, which is very diverse and with in-depth analysis, there are great profits to be made if you buy the right stock when the company is relatively small, your wealth will grow alongside the company.

It’s All in the Performance

When looking at stock to acquire, the fund manager has a unique system that they use to minimise risk; when looking on a managed fund company’s website, take a look at their performance charts, which never lie. Here is some Australian government information about how to buy and sell stocks and shares, which is worth reading.

Avoid Unusually High-Yield Return Investment

We all know that the higher the return, the higher the risk and if you search online and find an investment that seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Some investment brokers are not transparent with their data and the proposed returns might not include all your costs, so you are advised to read the small print when looking to make an investment.

Diversify your Portfolio

It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak; rather you should invest in gold, real estate and managed funds and if you feel confident that Bitcoin will be the future, why not invest a portion of your wealth into the number one cryptocurrency? Acquiring gold is never a bad idea, as gold performs year in, year out, plus it is easy to liquidate, should the need arise.


The Australian Stock Exchange can seem a bit daunting for the private investor, and for good reason, as there are many variables that could affect a listed company. Rather than investing yourself, you are advised to forge an alliance with a leading managed funds company and let the professionals get the best returns for you. Prior to making any decisions regarding a managed fund provider, do look at their performance over the years, as this is the most accurate way to evaluate the company.

How the Fund Works

The fund manager is basically pooling many private investors’ resources to create a fund that they manage. Using their in-depth knowledge of the ASX, the fund managers find the best stock to acquire, which they do when the opportunity comes. They often buy and sell shares and monitor the fund 24/7, plus you, the investor, receives a quarterly report, plus you can check current performance at any time via the managed fund company’s website.

Fund Units

When you invest in a fund, say an income fund, for example; you are buying a specific number of units and at any time that you wish to sell your units, the value is calculated on the stock price at the time of sale. This means that your investment in going up and down in value, depending on how the stock is performing and if your fund manager is good, you can expect to enjoy a good roi. Of course, there are small fees with the managed fund company, which is to be expected and it is worth noting that the fund manager wants you to make money, so it is a win-win situation when you let the professionals invest your money in stocks and shares.

Online Research

There is a lot of free resources on the Internet if you wish to learn more about private investment opportunities and it is understandable that you might feel reluctant to invest in the ASX, which is where the managed fund comes into play. It is relatively easy to research a particular managed fund provider, especially with a Google search and crunching the numbers should lead to making the right investment choices.

Portfolio Review

It is always a good idea to periodically review your investment portfolio, as markets change very quickly, especially during these troubled times and if you feel an investment is at risk, love your wealth to something more stable. It is never a good idea to be complacent with your portfolio and you should get into the habit of reviewing all investments.

If you start planning your retirement when you are young, this will ensure that you have some direction and with a plan to generate wealth, your assets will work for you.

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