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Lord Howe Island Holiday

Lord Howe Island Holiday in NSW

Life has become hectic for most of you. Practically, you have to live life in the fast lane and if you become lethargic, you lag behind others. However, occasional holidays to destinations where nobody can reach you sounds really tempting. Unfortunately there isn’t many places where the internet has not yet reached. However, if you visit a vacation to Australia and wish to stay a few days at a location where there is no Wi-Fi connection, then you can certainly visit Lord Howe Island.

Lord Howe Island is a natural island paradise where you stay amongst the beauty of nature. Life does seem to be passing along the slow lane on this island with a speed limit of just 25kmph. At a single time, a maximum of 400 tourists are allowed on this rather small sized island. This means that you will have to plan your trip to Lord Howe Island in advance.

Things to Do On Lord Howe Island

If you are a nature lover, then you will find the island to be a haven for people like you. Lord Howe Island has become a World Heritage site since the year 1982 just because of its biodiversity of wildlife and plants and its scenic beauty. During your holiday on this island, there are plenty of interesting things that you can do with your group of friends or family members.

• Walks: Lord Howe Island NSW happens to be a bushwalker’s paradise. From simple and long beach walks through banyan and palm tree forests, to rather challenging mountain hikes, you can surely get your daily walks on this island. If you go for a mountain hike in which you may have to scramble along various cliff sides, you will be able to enjoy some beautiful views of the Tasman Sea. One of the most favorable treks in the entire world, is the Mt. Gower climb, which is an 875 meter challenging climb.

• Snorkeling and Diving: If you like diving, then you will fall in love with Lord Howe Island. There are more than 60 world class dive sites on this island for you to choose from. This basically means that you can easily spend an entire holiday under the surface of the oceans that surround the island. The temperature of the water fluctuates between 18 degrees to 26 degrees, thanks to the warm ocean currents that flow along the area surrounding the Lord Howe Island. You will find 500 species of fishes and 90 different species of colorful coral under the water.

• Golfing: If you are looking for one of the most picturesque gold courses in the whole of Australia, then you need not look any further. Lord Howe Island has its own golf course that is situated in proximity to the Mt. Lidgbird and Mt. Gower. Do not be surprised if the lovely views of the faraway mountains take your attention from the game of golf. The annual Golf Tournament is also organized on the island every year in the month of November.

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