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Keep Your Kids Entertained with these Kids-friendly YouTube Channels

Keep Your Kids Entertained with these Kids-friendly YouTube Channels

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the whole family is trying to keep themselves entertained. However, it is only a matter of time beforethe kids at home start exhausting the adults. If it was any usual day, the adults might have taken the easier route to take kids to parks or any other public locationwhere they could have some fun and talk about it for the next few days. But with the coronavirus restrictions still in place, the easier route does not exist.

Other than taking the kids out of home, another easier pathway is to let them have some screen time. While this option can be infuriating for the conscious parents, it is surely the more comfortable way of putting kids at mute so that you can work in peace. However, the fear ofkids accessing age-inappropriate content and putting them at risk of enduring unsafe internet experience will remain constant in the parent’s brain. And this anxietycan never let a parent work in peace, which is the main mission in the first place.

However, we have a solution for this as well. If you want your kids to only watch age-appropriate content on television then you should get in touch with Spectrum cable TV service. The Spectrum cable TV service provides a reliable and safe entertainment source to households through its Spectrum channel packages. The Spectrum channel packages are affordable and provide all the entertainment for kids of all ages.

On the other hand, if you want your kids to browse online withoutexposing them to content that harms their brain, we have researched some kid friendly YouTube channels. These YouTubechannels do not require parents to monitor which means that you can have your work or me-time without having any mental pressure.

Here are some of the YouTube channels:


Finding content for the energetic ones; the toddlers, and the preschoolers is not an easy task. Not only do the little ones disapprove of everything and anything you put on screen for them but they also have their choices of content that you cannot understand. However, a YouTube channel has focused on bringing content that your toddler or preschooler will approve and have the best time on the internet.

The YouTube channel, Blippi, focuses on easily learned educational concepts. The toddlers and preschoolers will love learning about shapes, alphabets, nursery rhymes, colors, animals, and much more interesting things that they leave unnoticed around them.

Ryan’s World

You might have heard about this YouTubechannel, which has a following of 24.7 million subscribers and still counting. One of the most popular kid’s YouTube channels, Ryan’s World, is filled with content for elementary-age kids. The kids will love learning about easy science experiments, cartoons, toy reviews, and a lot more fun and silliness.


The YouTube channel for older kids and teens who enjoy watching kids YouTube channels like the popular TED Talks. The Channel has animated videos where they explore interesting concepts and topics in science, history technology along with poetry. Other than all of these topics, the channel takes the genius take on questions like“why the world isn’t fully covered in poop?” 

If you do not want your kids to know the answer to this amazing question, then you need to rethink your parenting skills.

Draw So Cute

Having a tween that has so much interest in art that they cannot stop messing around with the stuff at home for the sake their creativity can get pretty tiresome for a parent. However, being a parent you need to let your child explore their passion and talent. And for this purpose, you need to let your kids watch the interesting YouTube channel named, Draw So Cute that teaches the kids how to doodle anything. Starting from the chubby pugs to doodling famous pop culture characters, the kid can learn to doodle everything and anything they love.

The good thing about this YouTube channel is that it makes content that gives source to family activity. You can find a ready-to-print coloring page that your whole family can enjoy coloring in.

BBC Earth

If you are out of ideas on what to allow your kids to watch on the internet, we have the safest option for you. Kids love watching animals. BBC Earth has its YouTube channel to let the kids learn about animals. The channel has a good assortment for kids for all ages and interests. The kids can learn all about a variety of animals, from the cute ones to wild ones. There are also a bunch of super-interesting videos on creatures from dinosaurs to buggies that even you can watch with them.

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