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Speed Up Your PC

5 Ways to Speed Up Your PC for Free

When you buy a brand new PC and for the first time when you boot it up, you are amazed at how fast it is. But then after some years or even a few months go by and before you know it, it struggles to run even basic programs. It happens with everyone but nobody wants a slow PC.

Well there are a lot of reason why a PC might slow down over time but there are plenty of ways to keep your PC running quickly regardless of how old it is.

Don’t worry, these are all simple and free tricks. Anyone can do these tricks. Probably you may know some of them and some not.

It could help you to get some better performance out of your computer in the long run.

Following are 5 ways to speed up your PC for free

1. Speed up the start-up

When you start your PC for the first time of the day, how long does it actually take for it to turn on?

Is it a few seconds, a few minutes or it takes a long time to turn on?

There may be some things you can actually do about it. Just go to your settings and hit Ctrl – Shift – Escape. Now check out your start-up settings to see what exactly is booting up when you hit the power button for the first time of the day.

Most PC have bunch of apps starting up along with the PC. Just to serve these slow down processes, apps that you may not even need or even know that they are on there and you will never use. Check what apps are starting up with the initial powering of the computer and turn them off if they are not needed. This will make the start-up of your computer way faster and put less strain on your PC.

If you want these apps you can turn them back on if you want those apps. If you want or use them once the PC on but you can turn it all off just so the PC can start up quicker.

2. Turn off animations

This is pretty easy one. Turn off your animations. If you have one of the later versions of windows, you are probably aware of these little animations that come with it. If your PC is strong enough these animations are nice and make you feel cook at your desk.

But if your PC is older these animations just serve to slow everything down. Everything is a process, your PC has to run every single thing that happens on it. No matter what and a lot of behind the same processes that you never even see if you were going to your task manager and click processes. You would probably a little bit shock led if your computer falls into the second Coward  Category of being a little old.

To turn off animations go to Control panel – System- Advanced system setting – Settings Visual effects – Custom – Unselect animation – Apply. This should help increase your PC speed since it would not be putting extra work into something that is unnecessary.

3. Automatic updates

It is definitely easier to just hit the remind me later button when prompted with a software update. Most of the people do it. But if you don’t want to update your stuff those updates will just end up stacking up and making the process even more frustrating.

Just automate your updates, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again plus by keeping your software up-to-date you keep your PC in top shape and reduce your likeliness of being hacked.

Aside from your OS, you can also update your apps, graphics drivers, and anything else you use regularly. They are frequently releasing new updates that optimize for performance as well as for security.

4. Uninstall unused programs

When you uninstall unused programs, this will free up hard drive space and remove start-up junk without having to go through the whole list of start-up programs and services trying to figure out what each does.

Just go through the list of programs, you don’t need in Control Panel and Uninstall them is way easier.

5. Clear cache and cookies

This is most easiest and probably well-known way but it does help clear your cache and cookies from your web browser if your PC is running slow while surfing through browser. Chances are your cookies and data are too full and they are slowing down your browser.

Well, how you can fix it just get rid of the stuff that is slowing it down. It is simple. Just be gone stuff. Clear all the cache data and cookies from your browser and you are likely to see a difference in speed since there is less strain in your actual internet browser.

Final words

Hopefully, this article will help you to speed up your PC for free at home. You can try these ways if your PC is processing slow. If it doesn’t work then you need to see a professional.

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