Sunday , December 3 2023
Autumn glasses for women

Just in: All new Autumn glasses for women

Fall fashion is in the trend now. After a hot summer of sunglasses, it’s finally the time to embrace the breeze. We can’t help but get excited about the trends this season brings along. From the vintage round glasses to eccentric geometric glasses, there are new options to play with. If like us, you are also a connoisseur of glasses and admiring the new trends, then get inspired by the following autumn ensemble – to style while working from home, for impressive virtual talk, cafe visits or weekends wanderings. 

Best new arrival glasses trends for fall 2020

Octagonal geometric frames

If you’re done with glasses, then it’s time to switch to octagonal geometric glasses. These are more subtle, different and offer a minimal fashion vibe. Put aside every look book and style up with the new geometric glasses. These are ultimate women’s glasses due to their soft and balanced coloured frames that aren’t too loud or invisible, and are graceful enough to give a charming appeal. 

You can pull the octagonal geometric frames in all sorts of colours, but the best suited is the new trend of white pleats. There’s no better match to fall pairing than an oversized shirt dress teamed with metallic silver, pink, or subtle blue coloured geometric octagonal frames.

Top-bar Aviators

We know aviators get a lot of common glasses recommendations with every list of specs online. But hear us, the newly transformed aviators are different and eye-catching. Top-bar aviators no longer contain the usual design of aviators, this new arrival gets only a top bar with no nose-bridge. It’s simple and very practical. It keeps the attention on your face and looks professional, exposing a lot of facial area making you appear confident. 

Top-bar aviators come mainly in metals, available in gold, rose-gold and solid black colour. You can never go wrong with a well-tailored look with a golden top-bar aviator for a professional look. You can mix and match the blazers with frame colour, the glasses on the blazer keeps the look effortless utilising the glasses’ simple design. There’s nothing better than a combination of top-bar aviators with a statement blazer as it easily captures the powerful look and creates well-structured silhouettes of confidence and allure.

Half-rimmed Round glasses

Round glasses are always for a strong casual look, addition of half-rim style is a new attractive feature. Round glasses are the least risky frames out of all as it is perfectly suitable on all face shapes and complexions. There’s not even a slightest of worry while experimenting with round glasses. With a unique touch of detailing, Round glasses have the potential to be both casual and elegant. It’s like you can look nerdy and sophisticated at the same time. There’s something about round glasses that screams comfort & coolness to us, maybe it’s the Harry Potter effects. It’s so popular that it has garnered its own social media hashtag as Harry Potter glasses. Show your love for these newly invented beauty paired with an off-white hoodie and matching joggers for a perfect casual look. Let’s be real here: These half-rimmed round glasses would become your go-to glasses for Zoom meeting to coffee dates, after all, it makes you look adorable. 

Vintage-cat eyeglasses

We aren’t talking about the oversize and over the top cat-eye frames anymore. The modern version of cat-eye frames is in medium size but in the arc beauty of good old days. The arc edge of cat-eye glasses is all that you need to gain attention at a glance. Found in fruity cherry, crystal brown blue and almond brown, they are called the new chic in town.  So to bring all focus to your eyes, a vintage-cat eyeglass would be best suited with new double-knit style. It’s the one trend we’ve stolen from social media and can’t stop raving about its beautiful appeal. It’s the sweater-wrapped neck detail done on top of another turtleneck. When you pair the vintage cat-eye frames with the double-quilt look, the results are effortlessly cool. 

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