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How to Recover Deleted PST Files in Outlook

How to Recover Deleted PST Files in Outlook?

In this blog, we will discuss the basics to recover deleted PST files in Outlook. First, let me remind you what an Outlook PST file is?  An Outlook PST document is usually used to store messages, contacts, schedules, and more from Microsoft’s Outlook email client. 

Unplanned cancellation of email messages is a significant issue with numerous Outlook clients. One can look for deleted PST files in the recycle bin of Outlook). But, this shouldn’t be something said for all time erased records? Considered all facts, actually erased records are not necessarily deleted from your system altogether until overwritten (because of low disk space).

Let’s take a look at why the user feels the need to erase PST files.

Reasons Behind Deletion of Emails

The main reasons behind missing PST emails from mailbox are:

  • Accidentally deleted files  (by pressing shift + delete).
  • Accidentally vaccinating the PST folder by deleting crucial mail items. 

Now moving towards the how-to solutions of recovering the erased PST files.

Recover deleted PST files in Outlook  Manually

  • Choose a drive partition where you wish to save the Outlook PST files and then hit the “Scan” tab.
  • The utility will quickly start scanning the missing files in the system directory. The user can follow the below-mentioned method to navigate these files.
  •  Utilize Filter > Email option to find your deleted Outlook PST.
  •  Navigating a particular “.pst” file can also help the user track the PST files.
  •   Inspect the missing or deleted PST files.
  • Choose the required PST file from the search results, and then hit “Recover” to restore them.

How to Import a PST file into Outlook

After restoring the PST files, you can import them to Outlook to reestablish all mailbox items such as messages, contacts, schedule things, calendars, journals, notes, etc.

  • Open Outlook application on your system. Go to File menu -> Open & Export -> Import/Expor -> Import from another program or file -> Open Outlook Data File. 
  • In the navigation pane, drag-drop the selected mailbox items from .pst file to your current Outlook data folder.

Restore Deleted PST File from Previous Versions

If the user has enabled the file history or system recovery on their system, then they might restore the deleted PST files from current and previous versions possibly.

  •  Open Windows Explorer on your local system.
  •  Follow the path C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Outlook Files.
  • Right-click on a PST File and choose “Restore Previous Versions”. Return to the “Previous Versions” tab and then pick a PST file version you wish to restore.

If the users don’t feel comfortable with the above approach then they can surely be assured by the automatic solution. Automatic solutions are specifically designed with the main motif. 

One such solution is PST Recovery. Rather than deleting the PST file to vacant the space one can simply move the PST file to another location and delete the original from the mailbox folder. That way they will incur both backup of the PST files as well as free space in the Mailbox folder. Let’s take a look at the attributes of the utility.

Prominent Attributes of the Utility:

  • Restores all Outlook mailbox items like Calendars, Distribution groups, Contacts, Email messages, etc
  • No size restrictions for Outlook PST, a file with a size of 80 GB has been successfully loaded for the PST recovery. 
  • The utility stores the resultant files into file formats like MSG, EML, DBX, PST, MBOX, DBX, and EML.
  • Successfully recovers protected and secured Outlook PST Files.
  • Validates snapshot feature conveniently to avoid the scanning of PST files. 

Conclusion: Summing it up, above we have discussed all the information users need to know about the problem ‘’recover deleted PST files in Outlook’’ that is why, how-to, and alternative solution. The most beneficial approach to resolve any issue is Professional utility as they are tested and verified by experts. I hope the above blog is thoughtful.

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