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Protect Your Home From Intruders

How to Protect Your Home From Intruders: A Complete Guide

Did you know that, on average, a house is burgled every 30 seconds in the United States? However, a mere quarter of Americans feel confident that their property is secure in the event of an attempted break-in.

Would you like to learn how to protect your home from intruders and feel safe both inside and outside of your home? Here are some home security tips that will help you ensure your property is as guarded as possible.

Install a Camera System

Of the best lines of defense for securing your property is a good camera system. Even if you cannot afford to shell out thousands of dollars, you can still find decent surveillance equipment on a budget.

If you are limited in the number of cameras you have, be sure to install them to face the most vulnerable areas of your property. Some good places are near entrances and exits, the porch, and large windows that could be easily climbed through.

Many modern security camera systems can connect directly to your cell phone or smart device. You can see what is going on at any time you are out of the house, so you can ensure that your property is safe.

Buy a Smart Doorbell

Similar to security cameras, a smart doorbell faces your porch and will display when you have people at your door. This adds a great screening measure, especially if you do not want to answer the door for solicitors or strangers.

A smart doorbell is also a great tool for ensuring that your packages do not get stolen. You can view the smart doorbell footage from your device as well.

In addition, you can actually end up paying less for home insurance if you have a smart doorbell. Many home insurance companies have formed partnerships with smart doorbell companies so that customers can have extra security and save money on home insurance.

Build Privacy Fencing

If you want to make sure that you have more seclusion in your property, then you may want to consider installing privacy fencing. This type of fencing can protect your property, add value, and still be attractive.

Depending on where you live, there may be different requirements for fencing. The best way to avoid this is by finding a local fencing company that is familiar with area ordinances regarding fencing.

You can find a good fencing company by doing an internet search, such as “fence company near me.” The fencing company can come out to your property and give you an estimate for how tall your fencing needs to be to afford you more privacy and security.

Have Bright Outdoor Lighting

A good way to deter potential burglars is by making them easy to spot with security lighting. You can install security lighting that enhances your property and still helps to keep your home secure.

If you want to have lights but save money on your electric bill, you can have lights that are motion-activated. A motion-activated porch light, for example, will let you know if you have unexpected visitors after it gets dark.

Remember, if you go out of town, you should actually turn your porch light off or set it on a timer. If your lights are on during the daytime hours, it may signal to potential robbers that you are not home to turn it off.

Secure Your Garage

A popular choice for security lighting is motion-sensor floodlights directly above the garage. These can be even more beneficial if your garage is separated from your home.

An easy way to add security to your garage is a control panel that requires a code to enter. You can also have an automatic opener in your vehicle so that you do not have to enter the code to park in your garage.

You should always ensure that both your service door, from the garage to the outside, as well as your garage door leading inside your house, are both locked. That way, a potential burglar will face two obstacles to gaining access to your home.

Get a Guard Dog

Adding a furry friend to the family can have many benefits, including improving your home security system. A guard dog can help keep your property safe and protect your home from invasion.

It is a good idea to have a bigger dog that will appear more intimidating to visitors. Some of the most common breeds that make great guard dogs include:

  • pitbull
  • rottweiler
  • German shepherd
  • Doberman pinscher
  • Australian shepherd

For added security, you can teach your dog how to react to intruders. If you hear a certain type of bark, for example, then you will know that there is an unwanted guest trying to trespass onto your property.

Add a Security Gate

If you want to keep people from even entering your property, you can add in a security fence to go along with a walled border or security fencing. Even if the security gate is not locked all the time, it will prevent people from wanting to break into your home.

A security gate is also a good place to put security cameras if you have them. You will be able to see if someone tries to enter your property before they attempt to do so.

Additionally, if you have pets or children, a security gate will keep them safer as well. You can keep an eye on them without having to worry about if they will run off of your property.

Learn How to Protect Your Home From Intruders

You should not have to worry about your home being burglarized or robbed while you are out of the house. Once you discover how to protect your home from intruders, you will feel more confident and safe when you are at home or away from home.

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